The eLearning Podcast — Assina Kahamba, Lycée Libiza

I have a very special treat for you today. My guest for this episode is Assina Kahamba. She’s a civil engineer with a computer science background, who decided to take care of the digital technology operations at the school where she works, Lycée Liziba. I’ll leave the introduction like that to avoid any spoilers.

Highlights of eLearning Africa 2018, Social Progress Tech

eLearning Africa 2018

Division, arguably the worst social illness in the world today, and a factor behind most of the recent grueling or just disappointing headlines, is a foe with which the African continent is quite familiar. Centuries old familiar. By design, this fact will be in the minds of organizers, attendees, and speakers at eLearning Africa 2018 […]

South African Moodle Partner Aosis Shows Off With Material Demo Site

South African Moodle Partner Aosis Shows Off With Material Demo Site

In today’s EdTech world, innovation can come from anywhere. Right now, we all have access to the same tools and information on a more or less even playing field. And while some of these freedoms are not guaranteed, as long as there is an active movement of developers and advocates pursuing open source projects and […]

The Learning Tool Keeping Innovators Afloat Throughout Telco’s Turbulent History

The Learning Tool Keeping Innovators Rise Afloat The Turbulent Telco Industry

How would you describe the average customer of wireless services? If this sounds like an outdated question, you are partly right. It was the question some telecommunication companies started to ask themselves, and delve into, at the peak of the 1990s. In particular, by those telcos who remain today. Moodlerooms’ E-Learn Magazine has featured Tigo, […]

Transatlantic Moodle Partner eThink Reaches Nigeria, Caribbean Nations

Transatlantic Moodle Partner eThink Reaches Nigeria, Caribbean Nations

US Moodle Partner eThink Education recently announced it’s making inroads into Caribbean nations and Nigeria, as announced in the blog and other PR outlets. Becoming the fulcrum of the Caribbean EdTech arena will give eThink privileged access to the learning demands of 700 islands neighboring the US. eThink will be the provider of Moodle […]

Aprende A Dominar Alcances En Gestión De Proyectos Con Este ‘Juego Serio’ En Moodle

Get Started With Project Management Scopes With This Moodle Serious Game

This story is available in English. Burgeon Palms es una consultora de desempeño, talento humano y desarrollo de carreras profesionales. Se precia de ser “aborigen” de África, con su centro de operaciones en Abuja, Nigeria. Ofrecen capacitación en gestion de proyectos y preparación de exámenes de certificación. Para atender su nicho de mercado, disperso por […]