A Professional Development Open LMS Competency Roadmap. Plus: Jobs And Tech Trends Update

Professional development is the art of turning yourself into a more valuable individual. Be it for your organization, your industry, your geography and, above all, yourself. Today, your self-value-adding proposition extends to the virtual communities you belong. And in Open Source, the ability to let anyone gain value from your work adds an interesting caveat. […]

Building This Missing xAPI Layer Will Make You Rich If You Figure Out How

Building This Missing xAPI Layer Will Make You Rich If You Figure It Out

If the mountain (of LMS Data) will not come to Mahomet, Mahomet will develop an anonymized, xAPI-compliant LMS Data generation service. (The assumption here being Mahomet would be a pretty good Open Learning Technologist.) When it comes to disrupting industries to the core, Data Science has an Achilles heel. It’s at the start of its […]

Principles Of 2019 Web Game Development For Open Source Educators

The modern web technologies that have made fresh and snappy interfaces in Moodle and competing LMS possible, if not mandatory, have continued to evolve into robust solutions that make for groundbreaking learning technologies. We owe this evolution to game developers most of all. The web-based graphics engine OpenGL alone has become the standard for the […]

This Plugin Enhances The Text-Based Foreign Language Learning Experience

CoBRA, or “Corpus-Based Reading Assistant,” provides contextual information about words in English or Dutch to help French speakers learn either language. When CoBRA is enabled on a text, clicking on a word opens an informative panel about the word, including: Syntactical category GenderInflected forms Contextual translation Similar usage examples The panel also provides a “Save” […]

Is There A Place For Moodle In A Post-LMS World?

Is there a place for Moodle in a post-LMS world

The question is lopsided by necessity. The latest to pose it is amateur historian Jonathan Rees for Inside Higher Ed, on a post the prey of passionate debate one neighborhood over on the Canvas community pages. It demands a certain mood for thought experiments, but in fairness, he is not alone on either fearing or […]

A Brainstormed Moodle Wishlist. MoodleMoot Australia 2017

A Brainstormed Moodle Wishlist. MoodleMoot Australia 2017

When it comes to our “Moodle Wishlist” for MoodleMoot Australia 2017, 22 features made the cut and were voted in by the MoodleMoot audience, as well as a few insiders at home who got a link to the live document early (including our LWMN listeners). So what do we want? Here’s the list (number of […]

Relive The First Moodle Open Panel Live. MoodleMoot US 2017-NOLA

Continuing the efforts to get the community more involved and to participate more freely, the closing event at MoodleMoot US 2017: New Orleans, held last July within Blackboard’s BbWorld, featured a panel with Moodle HQ’s Martin Dougiamas, Brian Carlson, Tom Murdock. and Jason Hardin. It encouraged attendees to voice questions and concerns, start a conversation […]

Connect Moodle To Your Student Information System With Lingk’s ‘Connector’

Connect Moodle To Your Student Information System With Lingk's 'Connector'

According to a recent press release, LingkSync, a “lifecycle data synchronization” service, is now able to connect Moodle with the commercial Student Information System (SIS) Colleague. Large education institutions often use Moodle or another LMS to deliver content, track performance, record grades, and track academic history. They also use SIS for administrative management tasks related […]