How To Automate Your LMS With Zapier (Downbeat 2019 Update Unless You Use TalentLMS)

Use Zapier To Automate Moodle Development And Management Even Without Plugin

Updated on July 1st, 2019. Zapier is an automation service that works with a lot of popular applications, including Gmail and Dropbox. A “free forever” tier lets you plug services in up to 5 simple processes. To our knowledge, most LMS do not provide automation services, with the exception of Blackboard Conduit, an exclusive automation […]

Who Will Train Us For The Million Net Jobs AI Will Create?

Who Will Train Us For The Million Net Jobs AI Will Create

AI and smaller-scopes levels of automation continue to replace more tasks impinged to human labor before now. It should not feel sudden. It is a result of a deliberate and documented process spearheaded by technology centers like Silicon Valley and their relentless quest to add immense amounts of value, over the course of decades. It […]

Automation, A Moodle Admin Must. Is AI Next?

Automation, A Moodle Admin Must And Is AI Next

Our learning is more efficient today than a decade or century ago. We can only expect it to keep on rising. Many factors have taken us here. Technology sure is a big one. Part of their contribution has been its ability to streamline routine tasks. Platforms like Moodle have opened a new frontier, with many […]

Getting Ready For The Unknown But Critical Effect Of AI In Online Learning

Getting Ready For The Unknown But Critical Effect Of AI In Online Learning

Getting Smart, the book turned education and “learning design” consulting company, recently released a report on the influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education and professional development. The report, titled “Ask About AI: The Future of Work and Learning,” is part of a campaign to have a broader and more inclusive discussion on the matter. […]

Why Managers Of Large Moodle Courses Still Rely On FTP

Why Managers Of Large Moodle Courses Still Rely On FTP | Por qué los Administradores de Grandes Sitios Moodle Siguen Usando FTP

Disponible en Español. For those who don’t yet know much about it, FTP is a way to send files between storage repositories. In the context of server administration, FTP’s full name, File Transfer Protocol, reveals a great deal of what it is and does. For those who are already familiar with FTP and its 40-year history, […]

Update On Auto Enrolment For Moodle 3.1 For Frictionless Sign Up

A common trait of Moodlers, as inhabitants of the OpenSourceVille, is practicality. I am always thinking about doing less of the same thing each day to focus on doing things that don’t scale. And automate as much of the rest as possible. And as it happens, in the Moodleverse as in Open Source in general, its […]

Keep your course files safe with this cloud backup service

After you’re instructors have delivered a course, many times it is important to keep it’s associated data safe and secure for future reference and for required archiving purposes. This could be a simple solution for an organization with only one Moodle installation and a few courses, but it can quickly become a burden if you are responsible for […]

New plugin – One tool for all CSV based approaches – Global CSV feeding for Moodle

Another plugin updated recently on the Moodle plugins database is the Global CSV feeding for Moodle which concentrates on all CSV based approaches for feeding massively Moodle with initializations as courses, users, and enrollments, completing all existing mechanisms with missing parts (cron automation, failure reports, tryback files, archiving, CSV files repository and selection, instant upload […]

Free Live Presentation: Moodle End-of-Year Rollovers with @lewiscarr

Lewis Carr will be hosting a free, live event on July 1st to help teachers and site administrators better understand options for end of year tasks and to automate the strategy to save time and effort. According to the description of the event, In this 1 hour live interactive session, Lewis Carr will teach you […]