What Is A Virtual Moodle Development Environment?

What Is A Virtual Moodle Development Environment? | ¿Qué es un Entorno Virtual de Desarrollo Moodle?

Disponible en Español. Imagine the most diverse team of Moodle designers, developers, and educators. They come from all walks of life. Now think about which kind of laptops they use. The chances they all have the same system settings are pretty slim. How can they properly collaborate from their own vantage points? Since the 1960s, […]

Takeaways To Advance You Moodle Development Courtesy Of Dan P. And #MootUS16

Takeaways To Advance You Moodle Development Courtesy Of Dan P. And #MootUS16

Moodle HQ’s senior developer and integrator Dan Poltawski gave this talk at MoodleMoot US, just weeks ago. It gives both novice and advanced “moodlevelopers” Tools and Tips to invigorate our daily practice. [slideshare id=63350863&doc=2016-06-tools-tips-moodle-developers-160622194752] Debugging with config.php hidden settings There are advanced debugging settings in Moodle beyond the administrator settings. Look in the config.php file for section 7, “Settings for development servers“. Focus on […]

Behat support for third party themes MDL-55072 #Moodle

Moodle HQ development team is planning to make some changes in behat support infrastructure so that the test steps can be overridden by the individual themes. Rajesh Taneja is now seeking the feedback from Moodle community members about the proposed changes.

Adding Travis CI support into your plugin #MoodleWorld #MoodleDev

In the latest developer meeting held in October 2015 which we have covered here, Andrew Nicolas discussed about the Travis-CI integration vide Tracker issue – MDL-51458 The tracker issue is raised to make developers aware about the benefits of Travis-CI for developers and how to set things up so that you can use it during […]

How To Automate Testing For Moodle Administrators

automate testing in moodle for administrators

At the Australia Moot, Daymon Wiese, a Moodle HQ developer, gave a talk on how to automate testing in Moodle for Administrators. Underlying the need for testing in Moodle is the idea that any change made by an administrator (everything from code changes to simply adding a plugin) ultimately has the potential to impact the functionality of the […]