Looking For Free Moodle™ Hosting To Start Your Online Learning Portal?

moodle host

Are you an individual teacher looking for a free Moodle hosting platform to start your online learning portal? Once you have chosen Moodle as your preferred LMS, you would like to give it a try to get acquainted. Moodle HQ team offers a free and reliable hosting solution for hosting your Moodle site. MoodleCloud is […]

Top Favorite Virtual Classroom Features|BBB Pulse

Find in this hub all the information related to BigBlueButton and Blindside Networks, Silver Sponsor of the eLearning Success Summit 2.021 In this Hub 5 Curious Things about BB BigBlueButton World highlights Forget the language Barrier BigBlueButton 2.3 Development Roadmap Pedagogical UX Teachers from all over the world weighed in on their favorite virtual classroom […]

The Zoombombing Saga: $85 Million USD Settlement Special

Zoom Zoombombing Video Conference Live Classroom

Click here to jump straight to the Open Source Video alternatives. Updated on August 12 with the news of the out-of-court settlement of a class action lawsuit filed in California. What’s the price on your privacy? According to a U.S. District Court in California, about a 15% discount in your monthly Zoom subscription. On early […]

Get Live Conferencing Metrics With IntelliBoard-BigBlueButton Team-Up

Get Live Moodle Conference Metrics With IntelliBoard-BigBlueButton Team-Up

Two of the most popular integrations for LMS and elearning platforms have partnered up to provide state-of-the-art analytics on how students behave in virtual rooms and livestreaming settings, unlocking new avenues in the understanding of how users interact in real-time online. The integration will enable users of the IntelliBoard reporting and analytics dashboard, to access […]

Eummena’s Quest To Transform Elearning In MENA Region And Beyond — Exclusive Look At Digital Readiness Self-Review Tool

eumenna srf self review framework

متوفر باللغة العربية Updated on August 14. Eummena has announced its status as Official Moodle Partner in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), making it the most international Moodle Partner. The reason why Eummena is a non-profit is not because it’s not an ambitious organization. […]

Moodle, A Tool For Competency Management? The Paradiso Way

Last July, Paradiso Solutions hosted a live webinar in a partnership with Moodle, about Competency Based Tools. It had the intent to provide clarity about the term, as well as the current technological landscape. Competencies, Competency Frameworks and Competency-Based Education (CBE) are highly valuable elements that bind together the full breadth of an organization, from […]

MoodleNews Plugin Roundup: ‘Where Are They Now’ Edition

MoodleNews Plugin Roundup, ‘Where Are They Now’ Edition

The vast availability of Moodle plugins can be easily overwhelming. Over the course of the years, we have tried to gather and offer cues about the ones our readers and other experts love, trust, and use the most. Some have built a loyal following of sorts, others have been mentioned in passing or reported on […]

Moodle launches Premium Integrators to extend Moodle Learning ecosystem

After getting the first angel investment of $6m from “Education For The Many”, Moodle HQ has expanded the Moodle services by introducing “Premium Integrators”. The Premium Integrators platform consists of organizations whose applications integrate well with Moodle. Premium Integrators platform packages those products and services who have a proven track record with global Moodle user […]

BigBlueButton’s 2.0 Updates Makes Real-Time Online Sharing A Pleasure

The latest update of BigBlueButton, the popular online conferencing and resource sharing application and Moodle plugin, has taken a noticeable leap forward in user experience. Fred Dixon, BigBlueButton’s Product Manager, groups the enhancements into three categories: UI, Shared Notes, and the Whiteboard. In UI, the main area of work, high-resolution icons and a more intuitive […]

Attention Educators!!! BigBlueButton 2.0 Beta version released @bigbluebutton

BigBlueButton – the most popular open source web conferencing solution in the world is coming soon with a brand new version. Recently, BigBlueButton team announced the release of BigBlueButton 2.0 beta version which is packed with leading features. The new version will include more tools for engaging students as well as improving the ease of […]