Most wanted: Top eLearning Keywords

The Most Wanted: Top eLearning Keywords In October

Have keywords become a new reference about the zeitgeist? Hard to refute. What’s true is that keywords have become a currency that helps transactions between users and web-facing businesses. The business of making a name, or a term alluding to a more complex concept, rise above must not be taken for granted. Millions of users […]

Blackboard And Anthology Merge, Form An LMS, SIS, CRM, ERP Smorgasbord

Blackboard And Anthology Merge

There is plenty of room in the EdTech town for as many giants who want to. On Monday, EdTech company Blackboard, famous for its eponymous LMS; and “lifecycle” learning support company Anthology announced their intention to merge under a new name yet to be made official. Both companies have agreed to the deal which is […]

BBWorld 2021 Highlights: What’s New At Blackboard This Year?

LMS powerhouse Blackboard held the latest BBWorld 2021 last July. A fully online event —that’s still available on demand— where experts in education and technology share ideas, thoughts and even discuss paths for what is coming for the company and its thousands of clients (16 as of 2017), likely the largest LMS vendor worldwide. To […]

CloudLabs, la Empresa Colombiana que Exporta Laboratorios de Aprendizaje Virtual al Mundo — Entrevista Exclusiva con su Fundador y CEO, Jiovany Orozco

La educación se encuentra en una constante actualización y evolución y eso hace que el sistema educativo tenga más acercamiento a herramientas y metodologías virtuales. Empresas como CloudLabs permiten que esto se haga realidad dentro de los sistemas de educación, haciendo que el aprendizaje remoto se vuelva una nueva normalidad e incluso sea de apoyo […]

Una Nueva Manera De Grabar Clases Para Tus Estudiantes: Qué Es Panopto

For English, press here En esta guía: Clasificando a Panopto Cómo funciona Modelo de negocios Por qué Panopto Cómo empezar ¿Es Panopto confiable? ¿Es Panopto efectivo? Haciendo un mejor uso de Panopto Precios de Panopto en 2021 EN RESUMEN: Qué es Panopto El mayor desafío que ha tenido que enfrentar la educación remota, es garantizar […]

A New Way To Record Lessons For Your Students: What Is Panopto

Disponible en Español On this guide: Making sense of Panopto How it works Panopto’s business model Why use Panopto (or a competitor) Getting started with Panopto Is Panopto safe? Is Panopto accessible? Is it effective Using Panopto like a pro Panopto pricing in 2021 People also ask TO SUM UP: what is Panopto? The biggest […]

MoodleMoot Colombia, Ventana de Exportación de Soluciones Tecnológicas Educativas

Edu Labs MoodleMoot Colombia 2020 Open Source LMS

Available in English Colombia, ubicada en el centro de América Latina, no es muy diferente a nivel económico y social respecto a sus vecinos. Diversa, rica en recursos, marcada por conflictos políticos y desigualdades. Entre las cosas que la destacan a nivel mundial, Juan Sáenz, Fundador y Director Comercial de Edu Labs, quiere que las […]

The Best LMS According To AI Sentiment Analysis

Elearning Success Summit lmspulse moodle blackboard open lms instructure canvas sakai apereo d2l

It’s hauntingly hard to find an optimal Learning Management System. By which, I mean to rely on one source of information, or a ratings and review portals. (We all know the problem with ratings.) Feature-based evaluations hint at capability, but it’s all too easy to see two LMS listing the same feature and get two […]