INTRODUCING: The eLearning Podcast! Episode №1 — Dr. Britt Andreatta

Britt is is the CEO of 7th Mind and an internationally recognized thought leader who creates brain science–based solutions for today’s challenges by drawing on her unique background in leadership, neuroscience, psychology, and learning. Britt has published several books on the brain science of success including her most recent which is called, Wired to Grow: […]

Moodle Cambia el Juego en el Lugar de Trabajo

Organizaciones en todo el mundo están empezando a darse cuenta del valor del aprendizaje en línea como fuente de valor y productividad de las personas. Esto ofrece a Moodle y otros LMS similares la oportunidad de desempeñar un papel de mayor impacto en su dirección estratégica, e incluso efectos en resultados operacionales. La idea de […]

Learning Analytics Roadmap: An ROI On Dropout Detective™ [LAR Series #3]

The “Fosway Analytics Maturity Model” frames our reviews of Moodle analytics plugins. The official Moodle discussion about the dimensions of analytics uses this model as well. The layout of this model is a 6-step ladder towards “Maturity”, along 3 stages. The features of a plugin places it at one of the steps because it offers […]

The Neuroscience of Learning Design: Britt Andreatta At MoodleMoot US 2016

Britt Andreatta, CLO (L for Learning) of online education company, shared the company’s decades worth of experience around a talk about neuroscience in higher and corporate education. If you loved the movie Inside Out, you’re gonna love this presentation. Andreatta, Ph.D, begins with a disclaimer: she has no neuroscience background. Her approach involves reading literature […]