The ‘In’ In Learning Tools Interoperability: LTI Apps For Your LMS

Updated on August 2021. Look at these apps: Instructure Canvas Edu Apps at (includes LMS-agnostic LTI Apps and set up tutorials for Canvas, Moodle, Sakai and D2L) IMS Global Product Certifications directory at It includes over 270 LTI apps, 78 by Cengage alone, from nearly 2,000 products from other standards Introductory LTI Apps […]

How To Install Instructure Canvas LMS For Free

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Disponible en Español · In this tutorial Is Instructure Canvas LMS really free Make a list: What you need before installing Canvas The environment: Server, Supporting software and installing the Code Launching Canvas for the first time What’s next Canvas by Instructure is the most popular LMS in U.S. Higher Education today. It has excelled […]

Slashed: Replacing Economic, Social Leadership Role Of Educational Institutions

Replacing Economic, Social Leadership Role Of Educational Institutions

As peculiar as the current crisis is, roads to recovery follow a historical beat. Universities and other society’s thought centers move first. First, they gather data and share results and insight. So far so good: Johns Hopkins features the world famous coronavirus dashboard. Next, they become instrumental in the coordination of efforts to overcome our […]

Dark Learning? Why You Should Consider Adding A ‘Night Mode’ To Your LMS

LMS Dark Mode

July 2020 Update. At this time, no one from the “LMS Space Race” features a fully supported dark mode theme. This article is aimed mainly at developers and designers. The introduction of a “dark mode” on MoodleNet, Moodle LMS’ social network for educators, still in testing stage, reportedly became a team favorite. This has sparked […]

The Best LMS According To AI Sentiment Analysis

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It’s hauntingly hard to find an optimal Learning Management System. By which, I mean to rely on one source of information, or a ratings and review portals. (We all know the problem with ratings.) Feature-based evaluations hint at capability, but it’s all too easy to see two LMS listing the same feature and get two […]

This Was Your Comprehensive Guide to LMS Events (Stay Tuned for 2020)

LMSPulse Event Tracker

Final update: December 5. The 2020 Event Tracker is here: The 2020 Comprehensive Elearning, EdTech & LMS Event AND CANCELLATIONS Tracker Make sure to check our Calendar and add it to your favorite client. Get alerted, plus reading picks and more goodies in our Weekly Newsletter. Interested in past highlights? Check out our selected Moments […]