The eLearning Podcast — Chip Reaves, Bigger Brains

My guest for today’s episode is Chip Reaves, IT veteran and President for almost 10 years of Bigger Brains. Bigger Brains’ vast library of high-quality video-based courses on a variety of corporate training issues has received awards every year since at least 2015. And with Brain Bot, a chatbot that periodically quizzes you about past […]

The eLearning Podcast — Andreana Castellanos, Afinidata

It’s a joy to introduce you to my guest for this week: Andreana Castellanos, Process Engineer, Founder and CEO of Afinidata, and fellow Colorado State graduate—go Rams! Afinidata is a Guatemalan-American social entrepreneurship born out of Andreana’s volunteering experiences. It sends users personalized early childhood development activities through Facebook. It’s as simple and brilliant as […]

Eummena’s Quest To Transform Elearning In MENA Region And Beyond — Exclusive Look At Digital Readiness Self-Review Tool

eumenna srf self review framework

متوفر باللغة العربية Updated on August 14. Eummena has announced its status as Official Moodle Partner in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), making it the most international Moodle Partner. The reason why Eummena is a non-profit is not because it’s not an ambitious organization. […]

Blackboard News Roundup: Bb Chatbot, Access Ally, Alexa And More

blackboard chatbot ally universidad central

Meet the Blackboard Chatbot Powered By Ivy.AI, The Student Services team is launching the service, expected to help with administrative tasks. Recruitment, enrollment and technical support are some examples. The Value Proposition of the chatbot involves the secure use of the student’s personal information to provide answer customized to the individual. As we […]

This Instructional Designer Widens Teachers’ Horizons With A Google Analytics LMS Setup. More Learning Analytics

This Instructional Designer Widens Teachers’ Horizons With A Google Analytics LMS Setup. More Learning Analytics

The learning analytics journey gets easier every day. Still, there are lots of challenges to overcome. Two particular problem areas spring up: Mindsets and organizational culture. Often, disinformation limits a teacher’s ability to leverage learning analytics. But previous experience from analytics can also be detrimental to its understanding, as top mind Elizabeth Dalton has warned […]

Voice-Based Chatbot Plugins For Teaching Reading MoodleNews? Moodle Forum Beat

Voice-Based Chatbot Plugins For Teaching Reading MoodleNews Moodle Forum Beat

Benign arguments are the order of the day at the Moodle Forum. Brian Mulligan is looking for existing developments or partnerships for a Moodle support chatbot. Forum dweller Colin Fraser replies, “Why reinvent the wheel? We have Moodle Forums.” Are those even the same? What allows to consider two things as equivalents? Paragraphs worth of […]

A Brainstormed Moodle Wishlist. MoodleMoot Australia 2017

A Brainstormed Moodle Wishlist. MoodleMoot Australia 2017

When it comes to our “Moodle Wishlist” for MoodleMoot Australia 2017, 22 features made the cut and were voted in by the MoodleMoot audience, as well as a few insiders at home who got a link to the live document early (including our LWMN listeners). So what do we want? Here’s the list (number of […]