LMS — Let Me See These Plugins! October Moodle™ LMS Plugin Roundup

Plugins October

The following plugins are compatible at least with Moodle 3.10. Level up! by Fred Massart Add gamification to your Moodle™ site! Create a different and fun learning experience with course levels. With this plugin the teacher can automatically assign points to the students so they can level up.  Snap Theme Snap is a Moodle™ theme that […]

MoodleNews Plugin Roundup, ‘Big Little Twists’ Edition

MoodleNews Plugin Roundup, ‘Big Little Twists’ Edition

Asking users to sign documents with their names on top of a contract, statement, or tax filing, rather than at the end “significantly reduces dishonesty,” according to 2012 research published on PNAS. Small changes to how students think and frame their problems can have big impact on their behavior and resulting performance. Here are some […]

The Unabridged List Of ‘Early Bird 3.4′ Moodle Badge Winners

The Unabridged List Of ‘Early Bird 3.4' Moodle Badge Winners | Esta es la Lista Absoluta de Complementos Ya Compatibles con Moodle 3.4

A total of 161 plugins heeded the call and made sure their plugins were fully compatible as soon as users started to log on their brand new Moodle 3.4 sites for the first time. Some of the Moodleverse’s favorite plugins, which we’ve covered continuously, took advantage of the call to also release new features. This […]

Enchanting Enhancements To Activity Completion Options For Moodle 3.3

A set of small but powerful features have come into the Moodle Activity completion options in the 3.3 release. They are designed to provide a more critical follow-up of student behavior and performance in Moodle. Adding a checklist, encompassing a Course’s set of actions, is a cognitive advantage for students. Here is a look at […]

Proyéctate Con Las Listas De Chequeo De Moodle

Story available in English. Hace siete años, Atul Gawande presentó su libro El Efecto Checklist (Lista de Chequeo). Antes de esta exitosa publicación, era difícil dar crédito a la cantidad de errores críticos que profesionales de alto nivel cometen a diario. Asimismo, resultaba difícil de creer que la solución a este problema fuera tan sencilla […]

Checklist Will Do For Your Moodle What It’s Done For High-Performing Professionals

Disponible en Español. It’s been seven years since The Checklist Manifesto. Before the Atul Gawande bestseller, I would not have believed the amount of critical mistakes professionals make on a daily basis. And if I had, then I would not have believed this deceivingly simple tool would be such a powerful solution. Experts across fields have […]

There Is A Moodle Plugin For Every Single One Of Your 2017 Resolutions

There Is A Moodle Plugin For Every Single One Of Your 2017 Resolutions

As the decade marches on, and difference between learning and e-learning loses what little sense it still has left, teachers and other education professionals find in LMS like Moodle their “control tower”. Plugins in particular have been critical in expanding the scope of what we can do with Moodle. From creative tasks, to planning and […]

Merry Moodle 3.2 Holidays! ‘Early Bird’ Badge Recognitions

Happy Moodle 3.2 Days! 'Early Bird' Badge Recipients

We believe developers who go the extra mile in keeping Moodle tidy and sleek for the benefit of the world’s learning community deserve to be acknowledged. Here are the recipients of Moodle official “Early Bird” badge, due to its compatibility testing for Moodle 3.2 just in time for its release. We have covered only some […]

Check Out This Moodle “Armor Bundle” Of Plugins

Check Out This Moodle "Armor Bundle" Of Plugins

With the diversity that characterizes the Moodle plugins to solve even the issues you don’t realize you have, the process of selecting and evaluating can become taxing. Some special editions, like Moodlerooms or CLAMP’s LAE represent possible pathways, but they do not consider themselves encompassing “armor” for Moodle to endure battle for knowledge. That is why this selection […]

Skype! Checklist! Snippets! Showcasing The Latest Plugin Builds For Moodle

Skype! Checklist! Snippets! Showcasing The Latest Plugin Builds For Moodle

The amount of voluntary contributions to Moodle always leaves me in awe. So much so that it impedes me from giving the proper recognition to all who deserve it for making Moodle a growing, functional, flexible living entity. The least I can do is a quick highlight of new and updated plugins added to the […]