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Last updated: November 2022 Understanding War and Peace Black History Month 2022 Finances! Help Them Make Sense Of The Economy Digital Life, Privacy, Security and You Open Educational Resources (OER) Help promote OER General Academic Content and Curriculum Tools Subject Specific: Arts & Crafts Science & Space Nature & Environment Math Chemistry Physics Computer Science […]

Cybersecs Pulse: 2021 Recap

Cybersecs Pulse

Welcome to Cybersecs Pulse: Cybersecurity, privacy, digital rights and more. Whose school fell in the ransomware trap this week? Find out here!

What EdTech Unicorns Say —And What They Don’t— About The Elearning Space

American Edtech Unicorns Have Surged in 2020. What Do They Tell Us About the Sector

By Henry Kronk, eLearningInside News. This article was originally published at Updated on August 17, 2021. What’s in a unicorn? When Cowboy Ventures founder Aileen Lee coined the term in 2013, the world had only 39 startups valued at $1 billion or more. Today, CB Insights counts 465. Back in 2018, Quartz’s Alison Griswold […]

The Zoombombing Saga: $85 Million USD Settlement Special

Zoom Zoombombing Video Conference Live Classroom

Click here to jump straight to the Open Source Video alternatives. Updated on August 12 with the news of the out-of-court settlement of a class action lawsuit filed in California. What’s the price on your privacy? According to a U.S. District Court in California, about a 15% discount in your monthly Zoom subscription. On early […]

Implications of Online Merge Offline (OmO) for EdTech entrepreneurs

A technology is not disruptive because it makes a company a little more profitable than the others. Technologists, especially those related to learning and skills, should conceive disruption to its most existential ramifications: A phenomenon that opens new ways to conceive and address social and structural problems. It could algo bring entirely new and bigger […]

The 2020 Comprehensive Elearning, EdTech & LMS Event AND CANCELLATIONS Tracker

LMSPulse Event Tracker

Make sure to check our Calendar and add it to your favorite client. Get alerted, plus reading picks and more goodies in our Weekly Newsletter. Follow the events on social media with our Twitter Events List. See 2019 events, including those we covered live, here. Want to see your events here? Interested in live social […]

Slashed: Replacing Economic, Social Leadership Role Of Educational Institutions

Replacing Economic, Social Leadership Role Of Educational Institutions

As peculiar as the current crisis is, roads to recovery follow a historical beat. Universities and other society’s thought centers move first. First, they gather data and share results and insight. So far so good: Johns Hopkins features the world famous coronavirus dashboard. Next, they become instrumental in the coordination of efforts to overcome our […]