Human Rights Education For Legal Professionals Free Online Course | Development Pulse

Companies impact people’s lives, since most of the time of their working life they are on the installations and even more so if there are people working in multinational companies. It is clear that companies benefit society in the sense of providing employment opportunities and generating technological advances, but they can also have a negative […]

Check Out Oliver Tacke’s Expert H5P Playground

4-27 update: The types Sort the paragraph, KewAR code and AR Scavenger are already available in the H5P Hub, which means you can find it along with all the other types. Oliver’s other ‘attractions’ are under review and will likely become available soon on the Hub. In this article you will find an exhibition of […]

10 Amazing Moodle™ Tricks And Tips By David Foord

moodle tips and tricks

 On this article: Welcome message Rating scale Moodle™ calendar Program spaces Filter codes Database Course images Quiz templates H5P Course completion  In this article you will find 10 amazing tips and tricks that expert Moodle™ consultant David Foord says are functional, easy to incorporate into your LMS and do the job of making the course […]

Educating Your Staff In Management With Online Courses

Do you know the difference between an investment and an expense? Do your employees? Do they realize of the importance your An expense is a simple exchange of money for products or services, while when you invest, you expect to get a return in the future. Investing in training, coaching, and acquiring more knowledge for […]

Which One To Choose? Why Not All! New Moodle™ Plugins Of September

Which One To Choose? Why Not All! New Moodle Plugins Of September

With so many Moodle™ plugins available, it often gets to a point where searching for what you need is overwhelming. Over the years, we have compiled the add-ons that are most popular, functional and easy to implement. This is another compilation of well-rated plugins by the Moodle™ community, updated and compatible with Moodle™ 3.10. Session […]

The 10 Best Udemy Courses for Self-Improvement

The 10 Best Udemy Courses for Self-Improvement

Did you know that Udemy is offering more than 130,000 online courses on self-improvement? You can get access to these self-improvement courses at a very fair price while staying at home. Moreover, there are tons of free content on self-growth ranging from leadership to self-management. Self-improvement is a process of upgrading your lifestyle, education or career, etc. […]

Create, Share And Sell Virtual Educational Courses: What Is Thinkific?

On this guide: Making sense of Thinkific How it works Thinkific’s business model Why use Thinkific (or a competitor) Getting started with Thinkific Is Thinkific safe? Is it effective Using Thinkific like a pro Thinkific pricing in 2021 People also ask TO SUM UP: What is Thinkific? Affiliate disclaimer Try Thinkific and the App Store […]

French Friday:

Aujourd’hui j’aimerais vous parler de C’est le site de partage de cours de Moodle, il s’appelait MOOCH avant ( Open Community Hub). Les cours sont disponibles pour le téléchargement ou à l’inscription. Vous pouvez connaître les cours récemment publiés via RSS et/ou suivre @moodlenet sur Twitter. A partir de la page d’accueil de […]