7 Ways CRM Improves Customer Experience Management

At its core, a CRM is a database, a platform and a center of operations for organizations who deem exceptional customer service a must. Inside a CRM, businesses collect customer’s contact information and maintain customer transaction records for marketing and sales executives. CRM software is essential, from the day-to-day operations to the big picture. From […]

What An LMS Data And Analytics Company’s Take On The Shopping Cart Looks Like

The Top Moodle Themes Of 2018, First Cut

Moodle Partner IntelliBoard, the learning company best known for its Analytics dashboard, recently announced IntelliCart, an “e-commerce” solution offering top-of-the-line reporting tools. It streamlines course sales in Moodle by offering automatic enrollment upon payment. Moodle offers a wide variety of payment-based enrollment plugins. Credit cards, Paypal (for courses or individual course modules,) and even Stripe […]

Paradiso Solutions Announces Microsoft Dynamics CRM Moodle Integration

Paradiso Solutions continues to expand it’s 3rd party integration services and expertise by announcing the newest integration with Microsoft Dynamics, a customer relationship management system used by businesses worldwide. Dynamics, like Salesforce and Sugar CRM, offers tools to help manage customers and business efforts with sales and acquisition flow and budgeting, etc. If your organization […]

Paradiso Announces Upgraded Salesforce.com Integration

Salesforce.com is a customer relationship management software that is used by fortune 500 companies, small shops and everyone inbetween. It features a robust suite of products and tools designed to help you manage the flow of potential users through your site, tracks them as they become paying customers and provides you the ability to reach […]