7 Ways CRM Improves Customer Experience Management

At its core, a CRM is a database, a platform and a center of operations for organizations who deem exceptional customer service a must. Inside a CRM, businesses collect customer’s contact information and maintain customer transaction records for marketing and sales executives. CRM software is essential, from the day-to-day operations to the big picture. From […]

Data Interoperability Is Critical For K-12

Consider how strong it would be if all of the numerous systems and applications K-12 school systems could easily “speak” to one another and share data, with data flowing fluidly from one application to the next. Central office employees could enter student information once in a centralized portal. Then relevant pieces of that information could […]

How Teachers Should Ensure Data Privacy At Both The Office And Home

How to Ensure Employee Data Privacy Both in the Office and at Home

Multiple controversies about data abuse and misuse by companies and institutions, including educational, abound and are only expected to multiply. The concerns about privacy among users are constantly increasing, oftentimes met with response from authorities. In the European Union, an exemplary case of user data —and rights— protection, websites are obligated to inform users about […]

Microsoft’s Purchase of BrightBytes’ DataSense: The Value Of Legacy Data In Personalized Learning Analytics

Corrections made on February 8th. Perhaps the key in understanding Microsoft latest EdTech acquisition is not on the uniqueness of the analytics technology or expertise, but in the data generation engine. A press release announces Microsoft decision to purchase DataSense, a data integration platform from San Francisco-based BrightBytes. With their “integration platform as a service” […]

This Is Your Defiant Moodle Data Plan

0. Your role You are about to define the ways in which a more ambitious implementation of LMS Data will inform your current activities in Moodle. Here you can take advantage of the current roles and the existing solutions that cater to each one. There are vertical agreements too, likely starting with the fact that […]

Usability, Performance, And Data: How To Ensure LMS Excellence For Years To Come

Usability, Performance And Data How To Ensure LMS Excellence For Years To Come

The modern LMS experience is a three-legged stool, where its strategic use gets compromised if any of the three legs is not up to par. The ability to secure quality, provide support, and build upon previous learning in each of these three dimensions should be a learning organization’s main concern when it comes to LMS […]

Can More LMS Data Lead To Worse GPAs?

Can More LMS Data Lead To Worse GPAs

It is to be expected that organizations face all sorts of concerns when it comes to introducing metrics and indicators into their operations. But none makes it harder to turn people into believers than taking up a potentially burdensome and costly endeavor, only to realize it made things worse than they were before. This isn’t […]

What Is A Decision Support System? Could Moodle Become Your DSS Of Choice?

What Is A Decision Support System? Could Moodle Become Your DSS Of Choice?

The definition of Decision Support System may not be hard to guess. By presenting data in a clear, actionable way, a DSS can be a critical tool to help organizations move forward and make complexity navigable. Arguably, the value of a DSS does not lie in how accurately it can estimate a future outcome, but […]

Add A Data Protection Officer To Handle Your Moodle’s GDPR Duties

Add A Data Protection Officer To Handle Your Moodle’s GDPR Duties

MoodleNews ongoing GDPR coverage can be found here. In the upcoming Moodle 3.5, a Data Protection Officer role will enjoy special permissions to deliver on protection assurance and data requests by users. The permissions this role has can be included on Moodle 3.4.2 by installing the Data Privacy plugin. This role is not standard, like […]