Most wanted: Top eLearning Keywords

The Most Wanted: Top eLearning Keywords In October

Have keywords become a new reference about the zeitgeist? Hard to refute. What’s true is that keywords have become a currency that helps transactions between users and web-facing businesses. The business of making a name, or a term alluding to a more complex concept, rise above must not be taken for granted. Millions of users […]

The Best LMS According To AI Sentiment Analysis

Elearning Success Summit lmspulse moodle blackboard open lms instructure canvas sakai apereo d2l

It’s hauntingly hard to find an optimal Learning Management System. By which, I mean to rely on one source of information, or a ratings and review portals. (We all know the problem with ratings.) Feature-based evaluations hint at capability, but it’s all too easy to see two LMS listing the same feature and get two […]

El Año Que Pasó En Recursos Educativos Abiertos (OER)

A Year In The Life Of Open Educational Resources | El Año Que Pasó En Recursos Educativos Abiertos (OER)

Story available in English. Para despejar las dudas frente a la atención e interés que los Recursos Educativos Abiertos (OER) puedan despertar en los próximos años, presentamos un sumario de los avances del movimiento en los últimos doce meses. En negrita incluimos los nombres de los principales repositorios OER. Si olvidamos alguno, hazlo saber en los […]

A Year In The Life Of Open Educational Resources

A Year In The Life Of Open Educational Resources | El Año Que Pasó En Recursos Educativos Abiertos (OER)

Disponible en Español. If you have any doubts over whether OER (Open Educational Resources) are here to stay, you might want to catch up with the players’ moves in the past year. Here is a quick look at what the past twelve months have been in OER repositories (in bold throughout this article), funders and […]

Moodlers take note: Edmodo Spotlight is a great example of a market for learning activities

Edmodo, a popular, venture backed k12 LMS which focuses learning around a stream of activities recently announced the launch of “Spotlight” for it’s users. Spotlight created a market of easily downloadable/usable resources and activities that any teacher can add to their course with the click of a button. Contributed content can be both activities and […]

Presentation: Moodle Socialwall Course Format

Here’s a quick slideshow that gives highlights on one of my favorite course formats for Moodle, the Socialwall. The learning stream focused format for Moodle creates courses in a way that teachers can create course resources as the course progresses and includes some usability improvements such as the “Retrieve title and teaser image from Webpage […]

Capterra Survey on LMS use shows Moodle with largest share

Capterra, a business software consultancy has published results from an LMS survey they recently ran. The particular population of respondents show that they range across all industries (only 21% were “Education”) and that organizations ranged from small to very large (over 15% were billion dollar+ companies). Based on responses, The most popular LMSs among respondents […]

LMS industry research report: Moodle is the most widely used LMS

In a recent research report on the LMS industry by Capterra’s, the users were surveyed to get an integrated picture of just how people are finding, buying, and using learning management systems. The results provide valuable insights regardless of what side of the industry you fall on—buyer, user, learner, or vendor.

The Moodle Socialwall Course Format is available for Download, FKA “eCommunity”

Chris Kenniburg has posted instructions on how to download a copy of the initial release of what is now called the Moodle Socialwall course format to The format, as highlighted here in the past, features a learning stream with the ability for teachers to create alerts, sticky posts, and activities and resources with context […]

New video of the “eCommunity” course format by Michigan REMC

Chris Kenniburg has recorded and posted an update on the so-called “eCommunity” course format which gives your Moodle a Facebook- and Edmodo-like format and experience for students. The theme makes the main page of your Moodle course a wall where you just post a status, that status can be just a news forum post, can […]