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Companies impact people’s lives, since most of the time of their working life they are on the installations and even more so if there are people working in multinational companies. It is clear that companies benefit society in the sense of providing employment opportunities and generating technological advances, but they can also have a negative […]

Cybersecurity And Educational Technology

Cybersecurity and EdTech are two quickly developing industries. How are they connected to one another? And how are educational institutions using them? Read on to find out everything about cybersecurity and educational technology.

eLearning Dispatches From Ukraine

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

Since February 24, the world has watched the war Russia wages against Ukraine, mostly with impotence. Among the millions affected there are certainly educators and students, learners and learning professionals who were already dealing with a system in disarray. Then the shelling started to rain down. On March 11, Minister of Education and Science, Serhii […]

Modern Education: How To Prepare Students For The Jobs Of The Future?

future education ua

Key Takeaway: Modern education must change and adapt to suit modern society. Most experts agree that older teaching methods do not always line up with modern goals and will not help students plan for their future careers. With the invention of online systems and digital communications, we now live in a far more mobile and […]

Development Hub Special: The Other Afghanistans


A few months ago, news that shook the world coming from Afghanistan and its takeover by the Taliban brought a poignant element involving the education of girls, which included a saga involving an all-girls robotics team. As we speak, the new government seems to be conceding in some of its initial intent to prohibit all […]

K-12 Pulse: Is Taxpayer Money Funding The Industry?

K-12 Pulse: Is Taxpayer Money Funding The Industry?

With the great migrations towards online learning happening across the U.S. and the world, eLearning and technology providers face questions about the sustainability of their growth track records during COVID-19. Quarterly-oriented investors and analysts might overlook the subtle fact that one-in-a-lifetime adoption figures are, well, owed to events that aren’t expected to happen again soon. […]

Which One To Choose? Why Not All! New Moodle™ Plugins Of September

Which One To Choose? Why Not All! New Moodle Plugins Of September

With so many Moodle™ plugins available, it often gets to a point where searching for what you need is overwhelming. Over the years, we have compiled the add-ons that are most popular, functional and easy to implement. This is another compilation of well-rated plugins by the Moodle™ community, updated and compatible with Moodle™ 3.10. Session […]