Cybersecurity And Educational Technology

Cybersecurity and EdTech are two quickly developing industries. How are they connected to one another? And how are educational institutions using them? Read on to find out everything about cybersecurity and educational technology.

Optimize Your Education Program With Personalized Rewards With Motrain

Online learning has been popularized by the pandemic and is here to stay, as it is seen as a support for training workers in companies and for student learning.  That is exactly what Motrain wants, to improve the online learning and training of its users, both employees and students.  Motrain is an LMS gamification platform, […]

10 Unusual Ways To Improve Your Focus While Learning

Unusual Ways to Improve Your Focus While Learning

Focus is the mental effort you direct towards whatever you are learning or working on at the moment. Factors such as age, brain injuries, mental health conditions, hunger, stress, and lack of sleep can affect one’s ability to focus while learning. Others are social media, text messages, emails, and a wandering mind. You could use […]

Best Moodle plugin for Gamification based courses

Is there a place for Casual Games in Teaching and Learning? Vasilis Daloukas thinks yes. He even has some research behind his belief. Gamification in terms of online teaching is the art of applying game playing elements in your online courses. Researches show that gamification of your online courses results in less dropout rate and […]

Mights And Perils In The Gamification Of Flipped Learning

Mights And Perils In The Moodle Gamification Of Flipped Learning

Every classroom teacher should go ahead and flip it. At least try it out for a week of the school year. Of course, few succeed at climbing the Everest without supplemental oxygen. So for now, the best you can do is train your body, mind, and get deeply acquainted with the tools provided by your […]

How to Use Digital Badges in Your Online Courses

How to Use Digital Badges in Your Online Courses

By Michael Weiss, Client Engagement Academy. This article was initially published at Watch Michael’s talk, “Course Creator Survival Guide: How to Ethically Position Your Course as a ‘Must-Have’, Increase Completion Rates and Beat the Post-COVID Competition,“ at the Elearning Success Summit Digital badges are everywhere. Don’t believe me? Just check your favorite app. Let’s […]