Give Yourself A Productivity GIFT: Super Easy Language To Develop Moodle Questions

Give Yourself A Productivity GIFT: Super Easy Language To Develop Moodle Activities

The Moodle GIFT formatting language allows teachers and designers to create interactive content and assessment activities using only the default text editors and a simple set of rules based on special characters. By recognizing symbols as layout cues, GIFT shares similarities with the Markdown language. Existing questions on a Moodle course can also be exported […]

Looking for Course content? Check out the Course Content Database at

Mary Cooch recently shared a resource with me in a comment on a post here at Moodlenews for the Course Content Database (a resource that I had thought no longer existed). Back in Moodle 1.9, there used to be several databases of importable quiz questions, glossary xml files, and Moodle database templates for download […]

Formatting and Uploading questions using GIFT format (Video)

Here’s a 7 minute video from Youtuber Mbaier1234 which highlights how to format and then upload/use GIFT format questions to Moodle.  For more information you might also check out  Note that the video highlights the process on a Mac specifically. Below is an example of two questions in the GIFT format.   Enjoy! Direct video […]

How to Export/Import Quiz Questions in Moodle (Video by @glynnmark)

Screenr user @Glynnmark has a short (2 minute) video that succinctly highlights the process and decisions you’ll need to make for exporting a category of questions using the GIFT format if you’d like to share it with the community/a colleague.  Check out the great video by visiting this link [] or by watching it below. If […]

Moodle2Word: A quick, easy and free Quiz tool

Eoin Campbell created a pretty slick tool for creating new quiz questions and quizzes using Microsoft Word that can then be uploaded/imported to your Moodle course.  The resource has a dedicated site located at where you can find the zips, several tutorials (including this handy video) and samples. There are two things you’ll definitely […]

Easy Quiz Question Creation by @Moodlexml

Yulia Ivanova submitted this tip to MN and I have to say that the website tool is pretty slick.  Moodle supports several easy to use quiz creation formats already (GIFT and Aiken are among my personal favorites), but the MoodleXML format is another option.  Through Yulia’s website you can easily create quizzes in plain, easy […]