Totara Code Available On GitHub (Update: Totara Code No Longer Available On GitHub)

2021 Update. Totara no longer provides their source code to the public. According to the Moodle repository for Totara on GitHub: «[The Totara source code i]s not being updated because our access to the original repository was terminated shortly after distributing this clone.» Moodle Workplace code is also not publicly available. If you’re interested in […]

How To Add Clean URLs To Your Moodle LMS (2019 Summer Update)

Updated on June 10th, 2019. Even thought the Clean URLs plugin for Moodle stopped being updated in 2017 and never made it into the official Directory, its legacy lives on. Thanks to Heywood and Issue MDL-28030 which he created, there are a few ways to add “clean” URLs to Courses, resources and specific pages in […]

LMS Learning Analytics In 2019: An Update

LMS Analytics In 2019: An Update

We’ve come a long way since conflating student clicks with engagement. But after an explosion of approaches, techniques, solutions and buzzwords, it can be a real challenge to identify Learning Analytics roadmaps worth pursuing. Follow our Learning Analytics Competency Roadmap series. Excited about the arms race for better, more intuitive and useful Learning Analytics from […]

Get Started With Moodle’s Machine Learning Backends

Updated on February 4, 2020 Among built-in Learning Analytics enginer, Moodle’s offering stands out. Since Moodle 3.4, a built-in prediction engine gives Moodlers a taste of machine learning functionality. It takes advantage of the Analytics API, the result of the originally known “Project Inspire” led by Elizabeth Dalton and David Monllaó. The latest update, in […]

Moodlenomics: Are Moodle Skills A Sensible Investment?

Moodlenomics: Are Moodle Skills A Sensible Investment?

Taking the time to learn a new skill is, like any investment, a decision with costs, rewards, and risks to ponder. In the case of programming languages, however, reports and analyses consistently thwart these risks, as experts and forecasting models agree that the already unfulfilled demand for software developers will remain so in the next […]

Así fue (Muy Probablemente) el Proceso de Producción de Moodle 3.3

How Moodle 3.3 Gets Made: A (Probable) Look Behind The Scenes | Así fue (Muy Probablemente) el Proceso de Producción de Moodle 3.3

Story available in English. Con el reciente lanzamiento de Moodle 3.3, vale la pena repasar el proceso que tiene lugar cada seis meses en Moodle HQ, la Casa Matriz de Moodle en Perth, Australia. Para construir esta línea de tiempo hemos acudido a la documentación oficial, así como a entrevistas y charlas ofrecidas por miembros del […]

Un Experimento Slack-Moodle

Check out this Slack-Moodle Plugin Experiment | Un Experimento Slack-Moodle

Story available in English. Si tu equipo utiliza la aplicación de comunicaciones y productividad Slack, el trabajo de Mike Churchward the podría interesar. Miembro del Grupo POET, o Socios en Tecnologías Educativas Abiertas, Churchward ha empezado a explorar las posibilidades de la Interfaz para Programación de Aplicaciones (API) que Slack ofrece para añadir funcionalidades e integrar […]

With Plugins And Open Repository, Dearborn Sets Its Eyes On Moodle 3.3

The Dearborn Public Schools district in Michigan is the first public school district boasting an Open Source repository. (That we found, after some research.) Since the district made the leap, the work led by Chris Kenniburg and Sean Williams has been a boon for the Moodleverse. Now, with the release of the Dearborn GitHub repository, the district […]