Pro’s Prefs: Top 10 Favorite Tools Used by eLearning Professionals

Pro's Prefs Top 10 Favorite Tools Used by eLearning Professionals

With the help of the best eLearning platforms, you can easily learn to generate healthy content that can help in increasing the worth of the lines and making it informational for the audience. Online tools can be quite handy in several regards, directly or indirectly related to your eLearning practice. We asked nearly a hundred […]

Search Learning Optimization: How To Promote Your Virtual Learning Platform On Google

Search Learning Optimization

If you’re like most educators, you’re always looking for new and innovative methods to promote your virtual learning platform experience. Whatever your experience is —including an eLearning technology or platform—, there is always opportunity for user discovery and promotion on Google using off-page SEO tools. There are numerous factors that are taken into account when […]

Big Tech Pulse: Highlights Of Google’s Government And Education Summit 2021

Government and Education Summit - Big Tech Hub

Welcome to the Big Tech Hub! Find out here about all the updates, news and releases from Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple and whoever giant comes after global domination next. In this Hub: Grow with Google The New Google Workspace for Education Take a look at our Google for education related articles The Government and […]

Most wanted: Top eLearning Keywords

The Most Wanted: Top eLearning Keywords In October

Have keywords become a new reference about the zeitgeist? Hard to refute. What’s true is that keywords have become a currency that helps transactions between users and web-facing businesses. The business of making a name, or a term alluding to a more complex concept, rise above must not be taken for granted. Millions of users […]

The Best LMS According To AI Sentiment Analysis

Elearning Success Summit lmspulse moodle blackboard open lms instructure canvas sakai apereo d2l

It’s hauntingly hard to find an optimal Learning Management System. By which, I mean to rely on one source of information, or a ratings and review portals. (We all know the problem with ratings.) Feature-based evaluations hint at capability, but it’s all too easy to see two LMS listing the same feature and get two […]

The Emotional Power of VR in Education

By Henry Kronk, eLearningInside News. This article was originally published at For years, education stakeholders have seen huge potential in the use of VR in education. And for years, it has remained just that: Potential, promise, a (virtual) reality that waits around the corner. Devices remain expensive. Experiences are limited and solitary. And in […]

Google Classroom Does Not Spark Joy. Does Any LMS?

google classroom joy tlou kondo

Is there a place for joy in education, and education technology today? Remember joy? “Most Creative” person of 2019 Khoi Vinh gave a swift, if localized answer to this question. The Principal Designer of Adobe —the design tech giant whose involvement in the space include Captivate and LMS-aspiring Captivate Prime— declared Google Classroom “joyless,” in […]

5 Types Of Distractions That Can Ruin The Elearning Experience

5 Types Of Distractions That Can Ruin The Elearning Experience

By the Edwiser Team, the King of Premium Moodle Themes and Plugins. As a responsible elearning professional in the pandemic world, you have taken up the noble task of teaching your students online. First things first: You successfully set up a comprehensive elearning system. Then, you create awesome course content that cuts through all the […]

Love Google? Here Is Why And How To Slowly Reduce It In Your Learning

google less

Who gets to take advantage of everyone’s data? The undeniable answer brought by the last decade is Google. Facebook. Big Tech and its proposal to harvest all of it, in exchange for further and further convenience. It was that pleasing feeling of meaningful speed, a convenient method to search for real answers, the revelation that […]