Healthcare eLearning Player MedTrainer Thrives Amid Great Resignation, Strikes Key Absorb LMS Partnership

medtrainer and absorb lms

MedTrainer is a provider of eLearning solutions for healthcare, including LMS, compliance, credentialing and more. Chris Heller, Business Development professional at MedTrainer, speaks with us in relation to the recent announcement between Absorb LMS and MedTrainer, which makes the Florida based company the exclusive provider of healthcare content for the top corporate Learning Management System […]

The LMSPulse Guide To Self-Care For Teachers and Elearning Professionals

“Put your mask on before assisting others.” If this message is for you: Stop what you are doing. Take a breath. Take as many as you want, actually. As urgent as the times are, part of what makes education important is a lesson about sustainability. You learn things once, that will inform your thoughts and […]

New To Moodle? Get a complete overview in this introduction

Lambda Intro To Moodle Cover 09 MAY 19

While Moodle is one of the world’s most popular learning management systems, the community around the LMS is still growing rapidly and bringing in new users every day. For those who are completely new to Moodle, the prospect of understanding just what Moodle is and how it can be used might seem overwhelming. Fear not! […]

MoodleNews Plugin Magazine, The Caring Issue

Moodle Plugins

Moodle plugins are free health care and the Plugin Directory is your hospital right at home. Is your Moodle ailing, its potential somehow compromised? Come on down and take a pill or two. It’s free! Did we mention it’s all free? Some plugins may need a paid subscription. Who wants nonsensical steps at the emergency […]

Moodle, Instrumental In Quality Mental Care

Moodle, Instrumental In Quality Mental Care

The advantages of using Moodle or a similarly featured LMS to support workplace training are plentiful. Also, they are not a mystery. While technology is key to deliver content quickly and measure its performance efficiently, many platforms forget one of the most basic elements that guarantee a high retention of the skills learned, especially on […]

Healing Online Learning Experiences, Then And Now

Healing Online Learning Experiences, Then And Now

Not everybody is on board with online education. And there is probably no another field subject to such fierce debate over the topic than that of the medical sciences. But while the critics keep arguing over varying degrees of validity and timeliness, online learning services focusing on health keep perfecting their approaches. Blackboard’s E-Learn Magazine […]

American Sentinel University Healthcare Career Center Goes Moodle

We usually think about a university implementing an LMS for their primary educational delivery platform. However, as recently announced by American Sentinel University in Aurora, CO, Moodle’s diversity can also be the foundation of a high quality career center site. For me, the best part about this implementation is that it supports the ultimate mission […]