Get Live Conferencing Metrics With IntelliBoard-BigBlueButton Team-Up

Get Live Moodle Conference Metrics With IntelliBoard-BigBlueButton Team-Up

Two of the most popular integrations for LMS and elearning platforms have partnered up to provide state-of-the-art analytics on how students behave in virtual rooms and livestreaming settings, unlocking new avenues in the understanding of how users interact in real-time online. The integration will enable users of the IntelliBoard reporting and analytics dashboard, to access […]

LMS Learning Analytics In 2019: An Update

LMS Analytics In 2019: An Update

We’ve come a long way since conflating student clicks with engagement. But after an explosion of approaches, techniques, solutions and buzzwords, it can be a real challenge to identify Learning Analytics roadmaps worth pursuing. Follow our Learning Analytics Competency Roadmap series. Excited about the arms race for better, more intuitive and useful Learning Analytics from […]

This Instructional Designer Widens Teachers’ Horizons With A Google Analytics LMS Setup. More Learning Analytics

This Instructional Designer Widens Teachers’ Horizons With A Google Analytics LMS Setup. More Learning Analytics

The learning analytics journey gets easier every day. Still, there are lots of challenges to overcome. Two particular problem areas spring up: Mindsets and organizational culture. Often, disinformation limits a teacher’s ability to leverage learning analytics. But previous experience from analytics can also be detrimental to its understanding, as top mind Elizabeth Dalton has warned […]

The Portuguese-Speaking Moodle Experience Just Became A Lot More Quantifiable Thanks To IntelliBoard, Ed-Rom Partnership

Portuguese certified Moodle Partner Ed-Rom and Moodle Premium Integrator IntelliBoard just became Analytics allies. According to a press release on the announcement, organizations running Ed-Rom-supported Moodle sites will find IntelliBoard’s expanded capabilities by default. Previously in MoodleNews: Moodle Premium Integrator IntelliBoard And Moodle Partner Enovation Team Up IntelliBoard’s reporting and analytics tools are a faithful […]

What An LMS Data And Analytics Company’s Take On The Shopping Cart Looks Like

The Top Moodle Themes Of 2018, First Cut

Moodle Partner IntelliBoard, the learning company best known for its Analytics dashboard, recently announced IntelliCart, an “e-commerce” solution offering top-of-the-line reporting tools. It streamlines course sales in Moodle by offering automatic enrollment upon payment. Moodle offers a wide variety of payment-based enrollment plugins. Credit cards, Paypal (for courses or individual course modules,) and even Stripe […]