7 Ways CRM Improves Customer Experience Management

At its core, a CRM is a database, a platform and a center of operations for organizations who deem exceptional customer service a must. Inside a CRM, businesses collect customer’s contact information and maintain customer transaction records for marketing and sales executives. CRM software is essential, from the day-to-day operations to the big picture. From […]

Data Interoperability Is Critical For K-12

Consider how strong it would be if all of the numerous systems and applications K-12 school systems could easily “speak” to one another and share data, with data flowing fluidly from one application to the next. Central office employees could enter student information once in a centralized portal. Then relevant pieces of that information could […]

MoodleNews Year In Review: 2017 In Moodle Motifs

MoodleNews Year In Review

We did some word crunching magic to find the underlining topics, ideas, and concerns from our readers and followers during the course of the year. Admittedly, there were some surprises, especially about the ideas we personally thought would gather more interest. For example, applied educational research or competencies and CBE. Nevertheless, below you’ll find the ten […]

6 Trade-offs You Face When Choosing The Right LMS

6 Trade-offs You'll Face When Choosing The Right LMS | 6 Concesiones que Deberás Hacer al Elegir tu LMS ideal

Disponible en Español. Despite the number of solutions out there, only a few LMS really count as top-of-the-line. But even among them, experiences are uneven. As some focus on modularity and extensibility, others strive to provide the most seamless user experience possible. In the end, the options are as varied as the different types of […]

SCORM and Moodle: A Dismal Relationship That May Last Forever

SCORM And Moodle, A Dismal Relationship That May Last Forever | SCORM y Moodle: Una Relación Larga Y Tormentosa

Disponible en Español. A glimpse at the history of SCORM, starting along with the need for EdTech standardization, reveals a riveting tale. It might tell us something about its current limitations in Moodle. It might also give us an idea of its future and how it will fare in the face of recent competition. US […]

Cultural Change, Key To Higher Ed Innovation According To NMC Expert Panel

Cultural Change, Key To Higher Ed Innovation According To NMC Expert Panel

NMC Horizon is a project by the New Media Consortium to “chart the landscape of emerging technologies” in learning and education. Since 2002, it has provided annual reports focusing on academic and research libraries, colleges and universities, K-12 institutions, and museums. Each report focuses on six key trends, six challenges, and six developments poised to […]