Data Interoperability Is Critical For K-12

Consider how strong it would be if all of the numerous systems and applications K-12 school systems could easily “speak” to one another and share data, with data flowing fluidly from one application to the next. Central office employees could enter student information once in a centralized portal. Then relevant pieces of that information could […]

Meta Analysis Review (2021): Teacher’s Invisible Hand?

Increasingly, we see more and more strategies that teachers seek to create a channel of attention, in which students are attracted and interested. And with advances in tools and technology this has allowed these strategies to produce results. But if after a year with only virtual learning students return to the classroom, will these strategies […]

K-12 Pulse: Is Taxpayer Money Funding The Industry?

K-12 Pulse: Is Taxpayer Money Funding The Industry?

With the great migrations towards online learning happening across the U.S. and the world, eLearning and technology providers face questions about the sustainability of their growth track records during COVID-19. Quarterly-oriented investors and analysts might overlook the subtle fact that one-in-a-lifetime adoption figures are, well, owed to events that aren’t expected to happen again soon. […]

Fight Cheating With This Moodle Plugin And Chromebook App Combo

Cheating across K-12 districts in the United States feels like an unwinnable fight, according to many faculty and staff. Prominent Moodler Chris Kenniburg (from the Dearborn District in Michigan) has announced the development of new tools for Moodle which, when coupled with a Google for Education subscription and Chromebooks, provide a school-wide solution that prevents students […]

Google Classroom Does Not Spark Joy. Does Any LMS?

google classroom joy tlou kondo

Is there a place for joy in education, and education technology today? Remember joy? “Most Creative” person of 2019 Khoi Vinh gave a swift, if localized answer to this question. The Principal Designer of Adobe —the design tech giant whose involvement in the space include Captivate and LMS-aspiring Captivate Prime— declared Google Classroom “joyless,” in […]

Marcus Green Will See That You Never Switch From Moodle. MoodleMoot UK & Ireland 2018

With over a decade of experience as a prominent Moodler, being a Moodle HQ alumni, and now serving as a developer at Moodle Partner Titus Learning, Marcus Green faced a thorny request from Nord Anglia Education (a 25-country, 8,000-employee, 54-location strong international K-12 education provider.) While NAE was willing to welcome Titus expertise to take […]