Moodle US: What To Expect From The Top Open Source LMS’ Boldest Business Move Yet

Disponible en Español An initial announcement in April revealed few details but a clear way forward: The 3 Premium Moodle Partners in the U.S. —Moonami, My Learning Consultants and Elearning Experts— would be joining Moodle Pty Ltd itself, to provide direct services on behalf of a new enterprise, Moodle US. Now, a second release confirms […]

Check Out This Interview With A Certified Moodler

Check Out This Interview With A Real Moodle Certificator

Kim Salinas, Assistant Professor at Jackson College, is also “Mentor-Assessor” for Elearning Experts, an official Moodle Partner in Virginia. in an interview with the Moodle blog, she shares some wisdom and tidbits of the Moodle Course Creator Certification (MCCC) she’s involved with, and the mobile age of learning that it sets upon us. The MCCC […]