Take These 4 Life Lessons In Moodle Development

Take These 4 Life Lessons In Moodle Development

Life coach and PHM (Particularly Helpful Moodler) Michael Milette, developer of the plugins Moodle eMail Test, Contact Form, FilterCodes and the Training theme, shares with the community his “do”s and “don’t”s when it comes to Moodle development. #1 Do: Turn on Developer Debugging mode. Don’t: Disregard warning messages. Moodle offers a series of developer tools, of […]

How To Give Your Moodle LMS The Gift Of Multi-Language ‘langpacks’

Give Your Moodle 3.3 The Gift Of Multi-Language Packs

Updated on May 15, 2020. Thanks not only to the incredibly generous, but also super fast, contributions of the polyglot “Moodlers” around, the Moodle LMS is available in dozens of languages and counting. The global nature of Moodle and its community has created a strong incentive to make the ability to add additional languages to […]

There Is One Of Every Type In Our March Moodle Plugin Roundup

One Of Every Type In Our March Moodle Plugin Roundup

The world of Moodle plugins is a maremagnum. Some plugins are hard to classify. Lots of others behave as a bank of little fishes, hard to tell what each one does differently. They all even share the same architectural DNA. But did you know there are dozens of plugin types available? The new interface of […]

Follow This Workflow On How To Translate Your Moodle Course


Marco Cevoli at translation company Qabiria has created a process to translate Moodle courses. The 5-step procedure focuses on finding the list of sentences, or for developers, “strings”, to be translated, which means this does not cover translation of additional media, like PDF files. On the Moodle end, you will need administration permissions for the […]

Login Message upgraded for Moodle 2.8

Login message, the block plugin which displays a simple message to users who have visited earlier, is upgraded for Moodle 2.8 The message changes depending on the time from the last login. You can change the message in the language packs.