Get Started With R/Exams And Dynamic Data Science Teaching In Moodle

Get Started With R/Exams And Dynamic Data Science Teaching In Moodle

R/Exams is an extension of the popular, open source, scientific bundle, R, which in the past decade has experienced a significant adoption growth courtesy of increasing interest in data science. Today, R shares (with programming language Python) top-ranking status as a tool to aid in the processes of data cleanup, analysis, and visualization. R/Exams has […]

Mr. Moodle, How Can I Add Superscripts And Subscripts In Moodle Text Editing?

Ask Mr. Moodle!

A telegram Mr. Moodle recently received read: Dear Mr. Moodle. How can I add subscripts and superscripts in Moodle? Thank you. Kate. Dear Kate, There are several ways users can add basic expressions such as XYZ or XYZ in their Moodle text editors. The most straightforward of all is to use the appropriate button on […]

Add flowcharts to your moodle course using Flowchart Moodle Filter

Now you can add flowcharts to your Moodle course without much hassle using the Flowcharts Moodle filter which display svg flowcharts using flowcharts.js by Adriano Raiano (, MIT license), which use raphael.js (MIT licence either).

WIRIS for the Moodle Atto Text Editor Now Available

WIRIS provides educators a tool for creating great math notation and using it within platforms like Moodle. While it’s a software as a service, the WYSIWYG math equation editor provides a visual tool for creating math equations right within Moodle questions (or in answer boxes by students). Their plugins have long been available for Moodle […]

Wiris updates plugins and addons for Moodle 2

Wiris, “The global solution for mathematics education”, has updated its collection of plugins for Moodle 2. The Wiris editor is now compatible with LaTeX and the Wiris tool set is mobile accessible. The newest product from Wiris allows student answers/submissions to be checked against several criteria (simplified, correct/incorrect, factorized) to provide smarter feedback to students. […]