LMS with Purpose: Finding Meaning —and Communicating it— in Learning Management Systems

eLearning professionals take advantage of Learning Management Systems (LMS) to evaluate learning processes and experiences. Whether you’re looking to conduct training or create interactive educational experiences, and It can be a platform or a mobile application. Thanks to it, you can consider, plan, and conduct training. Technologies make teaching activities several times more manageable. The […]

LMS To Help With Employee Engagement — Here’s How

employee engagement

Learning Management Systems, or LMS, are the backbone of learning purposes for organizations of all kinds. Since the pandemic, the demand for these programs has skyrocketed, with reported estimates of their value up to $32 billion in 2020 alone. A huge jump from 2015’s $8 billion, if numbers are to be believed. The growth rate would […]

Do You Factor Your Students In When Choosing An Elearning Management System?

Do You Factor Your Students In When Choosing An Elearning M?anagement System?

The most popular invention for young learners in the 19th century was undoubtedly the radio. In the 20th, it’s a close call between the TV and the Internet. Will the LMS be the 21th century’s most beloved youth invention? At its most succinct, a Learning Management System is a platform where the learner meets tools […]

Slashed: Replacing Economic, Social Leadership Role Of Educational Institutions

Replacing Economic, Social Leadership Role Of Educational Institutions

As peculiar as the current crisis is, roads to recovery follow a historical beat. Universities and other society’s thought centers move first. First, they gather data and share results and insight. So far so good: Johns Hopkins features the world famous coronavirus dashboard. Next, they become instrumental in the coordination of efforts to overcome our […]

The eLearning Podcast, Episode №2 — Brian Carlson, CEO of eThink Education

My guest for our 2nd episode is Brian Carlson, who is the CEO of eThink Education. Brian co-founded eThink more than twelve years ago and today oversees the entire operation. Brian’s been in edtech for decades and is an active advisor on eLearning initiatives through roles such as his seat on the Baltimore Workforce Investment Board.

Eummena’s Quest To Transform Elearning In MENA Region And Beyond — Exclusive Look At Digital Readiness Self-Review Tool

eumenna srf self review framework

متوفر باللغة العربية Updated on August 14. Eummena has announced its status as Official Moodle Partner in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), making it the most international Moodle Partner. The reason why Eummena is a non-profit is not because it’s not an ambitious organization. […]

The Best LMS According To AI Sentiment Analysis

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It’s hauntingly hard to find an optimal Learning Management System. By which, I mean to rely on one source of information, or a ratings and review portals. (We all know the problem with ratings.) Feature-based evaluations hint at capability, but it’s all too easy to see two LMS listing the same feature and get two […]