Learning Brands

Learning Brands

In the digital space, organizations can unravel branding opportunities associated with learning. For those who wish to remain relevant technologically as well as in the conversations, there is little choice but to set up internal insight-generation processes. R&D operations are the most common sources, and often considered synonymous with insight. However, new knowledge could come […]

Moodle Is So Flexible MOL Can Fit 30+ Years Of Professional Development History On It

Moodle Is So Flexible MOL Can Fit 30+ Years Of Professional Development History Inside

Launched in 1984, MOL offers custom-fit study programs for companies in the UK, with Manchester as its main area of influence. Over time, the value of learning for their own internal processes has not gone unnoticed. In the nineties, MOL started to deliver programs for standard and trade qualifications, and deepened the production of training […]

Moodle launches Premium Integrators to extend Moodle Learning ecosystem

After getting the first angel investment of $6m from “Education For The Many”, Moodle HQ has expanded the Moodle services by introducing “Premium Integrators”. The Premium Integrators platform consists of organizations whose applications integrate well with Moodle. Premium Integrators platform packages those products and services who have a proven track record with global Moodle user […]

Take Moodle learning outside with Treasure hunt plugin #moodleplugins

Have you ever thought about the success of Pokemon Go! game? One of the main reason behind its huge success is the inventive game play which requires players to go outside and search for the Pokémon characters. Do you want to add similar kind of outside games in your Moodle course? Everyone knows that Moodle […]

Serial Moodle Platform Builder Wanted. The Moodle Jobs Lines Are Open

Serial Moodle Platform Builder Wanted. The Moodle Jobs Lines Are Open

This recent entry on the official Moodle jobs board sounded so appealing by itself we don’t think it takes much editing: ​«We have an opportunity for a talented, senior Moodle developer who wants to branch out beyond learning management systems and help us build an integrated e-learning platform in Azure. So, if you’re a full-stack […]

How Machine Learning And Mobile Are Working Together

How Machine Learning, On Mobile, Is Working For Ours

Machine Learning sounds like something out of an 1980s movie about a deceiving robot we end up fighting against to defend the existence of the planet. That may explain the distrust people have with it. How understandable is this distrust? Computers monitoring and absorbing information, learning and adapting to become better? For an unknown end? Add to […]

Back To School 2015: Attend A Moot

This is the final post about Back To School 2015. Each year we’ve focused a bit of our September posts to helping teachers get their academic year started right. Each day this week we’ll publish a simple trick, tip or resource list which we think will help to make it easier to use Moodle in […]

Michelle Moore’s “Use Your Noodle: Blending with Moodle” presentation

Longtime and well respected Moodle Evangelist, Michelle Moore, recently published a presentation on SlideShare on “Blended Learning.” The presentation provides specific guidance and insights related to creating a flipped classroom – a teaching approach where content delivery and ingestion happens outside of class hours and class time is used to emphasize interaction, practice and skill building. Her presentation […]

How your choice of colors affect learners

Did you know there’s a psychology behind colors and your choice of colors in your E-Learning course can affect the learning of your students. That’s because colors affect our emotions and physical state. Red can quicken the pulse, blue can calm someone down, and yellow can cause eye strain and irritation. This information is important […]