How To Build An Online MOOC With Free And Open Source Tools

Updated on October 28, 2020. Are you also looking to start teaching an online MOOC course? Maybe a Free and Open Learning Management System can help! Getting all the ingredients in place to create your first Moodle course for MOOC’s is less difficult than it would seem. Get The “Learn Moodle Beginner Admin” Video Playlist […]

This Plugin Lets You Build A Hassle-Free, ‘Simple Lesson’ In Moodle

The Moodle Lesson Activity arranges content, media and questions into a simple sequence. A staple of the Moodle experience, it takes a little planning to make it perfect. For those not yet ready to jump on it, Kiwi Moodle Consultant Richard Jones brings us Simple Lesson. With simple Lesson, a teacher can create a sequence […]

Moodle MOOC Goes Extra! Don’t Say Farewell To “Learn Moodle 3.5 Basics” Just Yet

But the teaching is not over. Days after the final grade was earned, and the last badge awarded, Cooch dropped four more screencasts –Workshop, Database, Lesson and Feedback– to encourage diligent Moodlers to continue their learning on more detailed, possible complex topics. It is a reality that the MOOC is a compromise, intended to excite […]

A Brainstormed Moodle Wishlist. MoodleMoot Australia 2017

A Brainstormed Moodle Wishlist. MoodleMoot Australia 2017

When it comes to our “Moodle Wishlist” for MoodleMoot Australia 2017, 22 features made the cut and were voted in by the MoodleMoot audience, as well as a few insiders at home who got a link to the live document early (including our LWMN listeners). So what do we want? Here’s the list (number of […]

How To ‘Progressify’ Your Moodle Site Into A Progressive Web Application (Lesson One)

How To 'Progressify' Your Moodle Site Into A Progressive Web Application (Lesson One)

Mobile browsers for Android such as Firefox, Opera, or Chrome support Progressive Web Applications. PWAs are somewhere between a mobile page and a native Android app. Unless the features involve real-time graphics processing or other features that require high-use computational resources, a PWA is surprisingly capable of offering an experience indistinguishable from mobile apps. It can […]

Making Learning more accessible with Moodle Mobile 3.3 – Check out the new version of Moodle Mobile App #Moodlemobile

Following the focus on improving user experience, performance and accessibility, the official Moodle Mobile app version 3.3 is released last weeekend. The new version of the official Moodle Mobile app provides a smooth interaction, intuitive learners experience and enhanced offline functionality. The latest release is focused to offer new features which will benefit students to […]

THIS JUST IN: Moodle Mobile 3.3 Released

THIS JUST IN: Moodle Mobile 3.3 Released | Moodle Mobile 3.3: Lo Último En Gestión Educativa Móvil

Disponible en Español. A robust, intuitive experience, smooth interaction with desktop, and increased offline functionality are some of the new elements the Moodle Mobile 3.3 apps now offer learning communities around the world. ​Many of its new features are extensions of Moodle 3.3, the major release from a previous week. Below, a complete list of […]

How to export Moodle lesson activity as PDF files #Moodletips

“How can I export the Moodle lesson activities as PDF files for offline usage by the students?” Moodle newcomers often ask this question in moodle forums. However, Moodle doesn’t support exporting the course activities as PDF by core. However, there are few plugins which allows you to export the contents of the activity into PDF […]

What you can expect in the Moodle store for the year 2017 – Moodle 3.3

Moodle has come a long journey and overcome all the obstacles and competitions to stay among one of the best open source project in the world. Since last few years, Moodle HQ has taken a very aggressive approach to make moodle more competitive and with all the cutting edge technology. In the last stable release […]