Best Student Information Systems In 2020: A SIS to LMS Match-Up Guide

Best Student Information Systems In 2019: A SIS-LMS Match-Up Guide

Updated on May 13th, 2020. Student Information Systems help schools, universities and other learning organizations manage student information from an administrative perspective. While Learning Management Systems (LMS) enable educators to build and measure powerful learning, SIS do the hard and honest work of keeping academic and financial information in tune. From an information architecture and […]

LMS Learning Analytics In 2019: An Update

LMS Analytics In 2019: An Update

We’ve come a long way since conflating student clicks with engagement. But after an explosion of approaches, techniques, solutions and buzzwords, it can be a real challenge to identify Learning Analytics roadmaps worth pursuing. Follow our Learning Analytics Competency Roadmap series. Excited about the arms race for better, more intuitive and useful Learning Analytics from […]

Microsoft’s Purchase of BrightBytes’ DataSense: The Value Of Legacy Data In Personalized Learning Analytics

Corrections made on February 8th. Perhaps the key in understanding Microsoft latest EdTech acquisition is not on the uniqueness of the analytics technology or expertise, but in the data generation engine. A press release announces Microsoft decision to purchase DataSense, a data integration platform from San Francisco-based BrightBytes. With their “integration platform as a service” […]

This Is Your Defiant Moodle Data Plan

0. Your role You are about to define the ways in which a more ambitious implementation of LMS Data will inform your current activities in Moodle. Here you can take advantage of the current roles and the existing solutions that cater to each one. There are vertical agreements too, likely starting with the fact that […]

The Portuguese-Speaking Moodle Experience Just Became A Lot More Quantifiable Thanks To IntelliBoard, Ed-Rom Partnership

Portuguese certified Moodle Partner Ed-Rom and Moodle Premium Integrator IntelliBoard just became Analytics allies. According to a press release on the announcement, organizations running Ed-Rom-supported Moodle sites will find IntelliBoard’s expanded capabilities by default. Previously in MoodleNews: Moodle Premium Integrator IntelliBoard And Moodle Partner Enovation Team Up IntelliBoard’s reporting and analytics tools are a faithful […]

23andMoodle? Retail Genetic Testing In Personalized Learning’s Horizon

23andMoodle Retail Genetic Testing In Personalized Learning’s Horizon

Let’s imagine we live in a spy thriller novel. It is easier to do when you have mysterious actors with names like the Manton Foundation. It also helps a lot that this organization, with no official website, is at the helm of what is now termed as “precision education”. To define it as a step […]

Is The LMS A Distraction In EdTech Futurology?

The perpetual brawl in the US higher ed LMS market makes headlines everywhere. Meanwhile, the growth of the global EdTech industry dwarfs the stakes. If we generously round up the total market value of both Instructure Canvas and Blackboard Learn to $2 billion USD each, they still account for very little as the industry reached […]

The Only Thing More Powerful Than LMS Data Is LMS Data from Multiple Sources

The Only Thing More Powerful Than LMS Data Is LMS Data Plus Multiple Sources

A new report from Blackboard’s data science team led by Dr. John Whitmer finds that “data from multiple learning tools (…) improves the accuracy of predictions.” The report is the result of a joint research project between EdTech company and “eTextbooks” provider VitalSource and the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. For a sample of UMBC students enrolled […]

GDPR Watch: Is Moodle Machine Learning In Europe Illegal?

GDPR Watch: Is Moodle Machine Learning In Europe Illegal?

There is a more philosophical way to frame this question: Can a robot get to know you better, without that knowledge being considered personal information about you? The problem of machine learning in the current GDPR age is just one of the many afterthoughts that have come up since the law went into effect. Digital […]