5 Ways Machine Learning Helps eLearning

Machine learning is slowly but surely working its way into many facets of our lives. It has proved itself to be an indispensable tool across many sectors; and recently, AI and machine learning has been harnessed to improve online learning and make a positive impact on learning outcomes and levels of engagement. This article explores […]

A Buyer’s Guide To AI In Education

Follow our AI Competency Roadmap series Artificial Intelligence research increases, and we get new algorithms surpassing academic performance benchmarks on an almost weekly basis. The real effect of them on people’s lives, however, lies on what we wold like to call the “AI Supply Chain.” And there is few who disagree with the fact that […]

Coursera Unveils AI Function CourseMatch To Pair Universities With Existing Online Classes Amid Lockdowns

Coursera Unveils AI Function, CourseMatch, to Pair Universities with Existing Online Classes Amid Lockdowns

By Henry Kronk, eLearningInside News. This article was originally posted at news.elearninginside.com On April 15, online learning platform Coursera debuted a new machine learning tool called CourseMatch. It automatically pairs university faculties and educators with existing Coursera content to make the transition to online learning more efficient for institutions facing extended lockdowns. Throughout 2020, the […]

A Year In Moodle Plugins — What’s Your #BestOfMoodle2019 Pick?


Is the plugin you use on love the most worthy of recognition? Don’t sleep on the laurels! The quest for the Best of Moodle in 2019 is fierce. Just ask Titus: Want to join the event, and perhaps win lifetime access to the splendid “Moodle Quick Bites” Course? Here’s a taste of popular plugins and […]

Could Moodle 3.8 Finally Kickstart A Culture Of Analytics In Your Organization?

Moodle 3.8 Learning Analytics Open Source

In a recent release, Moodle has shared a slim taste of the new enhancements coming for its Learning Analytics engine. (Formerly Moodle Inspire.) These new features are expected to become available on the open source version of the LMS’s 3.8 release, scheduled for November, 2019. They are an effort to make the powerful open source […]

How Plagiarism Checkers Use Artificial Intelligence To Fight Contract Cheating

contract cheating

By Serhii Tkachenko, CEO at Unicheck. Teaching consistently shows to be one of the most rewarding career paths. Which is not saying it is full of challenges, stress and downright hassles. Wouldn’t it be great if we put EdTech to the service of educators, simplify their workloads and allow them to become allies and examples […]

8 Things Every Educator Should Know About Python

python programming language

Get ready to go “Pythonic”! As an educational tool, the Python programming language stands above the rest. It is designed to offer the fastest time between theory and practice. Intuitive yet powerful, it lets you see results of your learning right away. And it makes you see how easy it can be to see your […]

Check Out EnglishCentral, Real-Time Pronunciation Feedback From The Brains Behind Poodll

Corrections made on July 25th, 2019. The “Poodll guy,” author of the famed media recording plugin family to which he owe his name, is announcing EnglishCentral. A plugin for Moodle-based Learning Management Systems allows English and ESL teachers to introduce interactive speaking activities with instant and precise feedback. While Poodll takes advantage of AWS‘ Natural […]