The First Moodle Educator Certificate Is Here, And It’s MoodleBites’

The online learning arm of New Zealand Moodle Partner HRDNZ is doing it again. MoodleBites is announcing the first class of the Moodle Educator Certificate. It replaces the Moodle Course Creator Certificate, which used to be offer by MoodleBites and other Partners around the world. As HRDNZ explains at its blog, MEC is not […]

The ‘Moodle Educator Certificate,’ Coming Soon To A Moodle Partner Near You. Bob McDonald At MoodleMoot Australia 2018

The “Moodle Educator Certificate” was finally announced this year in Brisbane. Moodle HQ Education Team’s Bob McDonald defined it as “student-based” and also “UN Sustainable Development Goals-based”. The program is designed to achieve teaching and learning outcomes in Moodle. Bob admits its goal is not to delve into Moodle’s settings, and acknowledges the system offers […]

Won’t you take me to…Moodletown? @lasic

Tomaz Lasic posted some new information pertaining to his vision and goal for the Moodletown Education Center ( this week.  The submission, made to the Moodle tracker site ( outlines the gaps pointed out by the Moodle community, specifically he says, There are NOT many places to show what people actually do with Moodle. And […]

Moodletown: A preview of the new destination for research and Moodling @edumoodle @lasic

Tomaz Lasic posted great description of the Water! course and it’s future cousins at the MEC site (Moodletown Education Centre).  You can find the whole post here: My favorite quote from Tomaz’s post is this, Being a student in something first, where you get to see real examples, get to try and safely muck […]