Open Source Encryption Still Rocks!

In 2016, Jonathan Moore, Founder of Elearning Consultancy, later My Learning Consultants, now Moodle™ US, shared a presentation on encrypting and protecting your Moodle™ site for free by using Let’s Encrypt. In 2012, employees at nonprofit open source advocacy Mozilla decided to build a free and open certificate authority. Until then, only commercial and proprietary […]

Moodle US: What To Expect From The Top Open Source LMS’ Boldest Business Move Yet

Disponible en Español An initial announcement in April revealed few details but a clear way forward: The 3 Premium Moodle Partners in the U.S. —Moonami, My Learning Consultants and Elearning Experts— would be joining Moodle Pty Ltd itself, to provide direct services on behalf of a new enterprise, Moodle US. Now, a second release confirms […]

Meet The Global Certified Premium Moodle Partners

En Español Updated on August 12, 2021. With the acquisition by Moodle of Moonami, My Learning Consultants and Elearning Experts, Moodle US is officially the only Premium Moodle Provider. (Can you be considered your own partner?) 3ipuntSpain EummenaUnited Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine Moonami (Now Moodle US)U.S. TitusUK, Hong Kong, […]

The eLearning Podcast, Episode №3 — Michelle Moore, My Learning Consultants

My guest for our third episode is Michelle Moore, online learning consultant, doctoral student, and the co-founder of My Learning Consultants. Michelle has helped hundreds of educators and trainers design exceptional online and blended learning experiences. She was also one of our top speakers at the eLearning Success Summit. In today’s episode, Michelle and I […]

MoodleMoot US 2019: Watch Out! What To Look For In #MootUS19

moodlemoot us 2019 #mootus19

The largest EdTech market on the planet, the US still deserves attention. And starting today, some of the largest Moodle Partners, EdTech innovators and Open Learning advocates gather in Philly for MoodleMoot US 2019, probably the largest conference in the Moodle calendar. Whether you are attending, following live on social media, or keeping tabs for […]

My Learning Consultants Becomes Seventh Moodle Partner In The US

My Learning Consultants Becomes Seventh Moodle Partner In The US

“We have rules to tell you yes.” Jonathan Moore and Michelle Moore, co-owners, join the official Moodle roster with a celebration of open innovation and the possibilities they are eager to bring to the US segment. A press release at quotes him, and her celebrating the milestone, which in many ways it’s just the […]