5 Ways Machine Learning Helps eLearning

Machine learning is slowly but surely working its way into many facets of our lives. It has proved itself to be an indispensable tool across many sectors; and recently, AI and machine learning has been harnessed to improve online learning and make a positive impact on learning outcomes and levels of engagement. This article explores […]

Motrain Welcomes You To An Era Of Motivation Design And Gamified Customer Education — Interview With Jeff Campbell, CEO

Jeff Campbell Motrain Motivation Design Totara

Gamification continues to gain front-page prominence among LMS and elearning experiences as a whole. But Founder and Director of Motrain, Jeff Campbell, wonders if trying to promote “Motivation Design” through the “Gamification” brand is a better way for their flagship elearning engagement solution. The newest gamification motivational design platform, Motrain, is a seamless LMS integration […]

The 5 Things Teachers Must Do The First Time They Create A Moodle Course

The 5 Things Teachers Must Do The First Time They Create A Moodle Course | Las 5 Cosas Que Debes Hacer La Primera Vez Que Creas Un Curso En Moodle

Disponible en Español. Getting your workflow ready is a matter of continuous practice, but a cheat-sheet can help you get into a groove more quickly. Below are the five things you should do to kickstart a new Moodle Course, according to the official Moodle Documentation, at docs.moodle.org. #1 Set up the course We have come a long […]

Add #gamification to your #Moodle Quiz using Quizventure plugin

Gamification of a Moodle course is a good way to engage learners in solving problems. In a quest to extend the gamification capabilities of Moodle, another new block “Quizventure” is updated to a new version making it compatible with Moodle 3.0 Quizventure is an activity module that loads quiz questions from the course it’s added […]

Stamp Collection activity module updated to version 3.2

Stamp collection activity plugin by David Mudrak is a very popular plugin in the Moodle plugins database which allows a teacher to give “stamps” (i.e. picture with a comment, similar concept to badges) to students so they collect these stamps. The activity can be used in many ways, such as motivative bonus marks, absence marks, […]