Virtual Learning & Online Activities Guide

Last updated: November 2022 Understanding War and Peace Black History Month 2022 Finances! Help Them Make Sense Of The Economy Digital Life, Privacy, Security and You Open Educational Resources (OER) Help promote OER General Academic Content and Curriculum Tools Subject Specific: Arts & Crafts Science & Space Nature & Environment Math Chemistry Physics Computer Science […]

OER Pulse 2021 Recap: The Year In Open Educational Resources

Welcome to the OER — Open Educational Resources Hub recap of 2021, when the “OER Gap” didn’t disappear, but it definitely become a lot tighter. Check out the best OER Resource compilation in store in our Virtual Learning & Online Activities Guide Here0s what made the OER news in 2021: More OER-making grants Thoughts on […]

A Free English Grammar & Syntax Course For Moodle LMS

Updated on August 21, 2020. Moodle HQ has officially decommisioned in favor of MoodleNet, the upcoming federated social network. To get this course, reach out to Chris Engelsma directly. Moodle loves Open Educational Resources (OER) since Moodle likes an open world. You can share your Moodle courses and course activities  like database presets, glossary […]

Eummena’s Quest To Transform Elearning In MENA Region And Beyond — Exclusive Look At Digital Readiness Self-Review Tool

eumenna srf self review framework

متوفر باللغة العربية Updated on August 14. Eummena has announced its status as Official Moodle Partner in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), making it the most international Moodle Partner. The reason why Eummena is a non-profit is not because it’s not an ambitious organization. […]

Can Open Educational Resources Foster Equity In Higher Education?

Can OER Foster Equity in Higher Education

By Henry Kronk, eLearningInside News. This article was originally posted at When discussing a student’s ability to achieve an undergraduate degree, the topic of textbooks has increasingly come to the fore. While less significant than tuition, room, or board, textbooks and other learning materials represent an increasingly significant cost for any undergraduate student. As […]

UNESCO Steps Up To Universalize Open Educational Resources (OER) With… A Declaration?

oer unesco

More Open EdTech for SDGs Is quality learning content a universal right? If UNESCO statements are any indications, yes. In 2012, The Paris OER Declaration coined the term for “Open Educational Resources.” Based on principles an statements including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Millenium Declaration, OER are conceived as content resources that […]

OER Pulse: Dozens Of Simple, Open Courseware Created With Moodle LMS (2019 Update)

A Year In The Life Of Open Educational Resources | El Año Que Pasó En Recursos Educativos Abiertos (OER)

Updated in July 1st, 2019. If you’re interested in learning a new skill or want to check out how simple a Moodle course can be (when using/tapping open resources available elsewhere on the web) you should check out Open, Of Course. It’s a collection of simply created Open Educational Resources or OER courses presented through […]