Get Started with xAPI, Part One: How to Write an xAPI Statement from Scratch

Devlin Peck xAPI Storyline

The Getting Started with xAPI in Storyline Tutorial Series, by Devlin Peck @devpeck, was originally published at Check out Devlin at the LMSPulse Elearning Success Summit 2020. If you want to learn how to take full advantage of xAPI in Articulate Storyline, then you’re in the right place. Essentially, this resource can serve as […]

What The Demise Of Linux Journal Means For Open Source And Open EdTech Journalism

Unabashed believers of Open Source software and its transformative mission might be given pause by Linux Journal shutdown announcement. The better informed of the lot ought to be less surprised. This was the second time it happened in 2 years. This time, thought, there is little hope of a comeback. The staff has been laid […]

8 Things Every Educator Should Know About Python

python programming language

Get ready to go “Pythonic”! As an educational tool, the Python programming language stands above the rest. It is designed to offer the fastest time between theory and practice. Intuitive yet powerful, it lets you see results of your learning right away. And it makes you see how easy it can be to see your […]

What Kind Of Open EdTech Allows Us All To Follow Our Dreams Of A Better World?

Sill Pontes Senior Instructional Design,

Only after we find what’s “Belo” (Beautiful), even in the most difficult and horrendous of life’s circumstances, an endless energy and a constant stream of curiosity is available for us to devote ourselves into understanding a problem, considering alternatives, and fiercely tackling them as the hope for a better world begins to materialize in front […]

This LTI Gift To Open EdTech Communities By WCLN Is Also A Highly Interactive Solution For Cost-Sensitive Learning Organizations

The Western Canadian Learning Network represents school districts in Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon and the Northwest Territories. 51 districts receive WCLN support in all things online learning, with a soft spot for Free, Open Source Software. They include: Open Educational Resources Sustaining Teaching Communities Staff Training Cost-Saving Initiatives Industry partnerships Support for the delivery of […]

How Open Source Learning Helps Us All Achieve Industrial Revolution 4.0, SDG by SDG

An ongoing LMSPulse guide for aspiring Open EdTech doers, entrepreneurs and advocates. Last updated: July 29th, 2019 Many of us in the Open Source EdTech world have at least some idea of its global importance. We can find most of these global issues in the 17 UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. It’s a good —not perfect— […]