How To Install Instructure Canvas LMS For Free

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Disponible en Español · In this tutorial Is Instructure Canvas LMS really free Make a list: What you need before installing Canvas The environment: Server, Supporting software and installing the Code Launching Canvas for the first time What’s next Canvas by Instructure is the most popular LMS in U.S. Higher Education today. It has excelled […]

Get Started with xAPI, Part One: How to Write an xAPI Statement from Scratch

Devlin Peck xAPI Storyline

The Getting Started with xAPI in Storyline Tutorial Series, by Devlin Peck @devpeck, was originally published at Check out Devlin at the LMSPulse Elearning Success Summit 2020. If you want to learn how to take full advantage of xAPI in Articulate Storyline, then you’re in the right place. Essentially, this resource can serve as […]

Open SDGs: Could Nobel-Winning Economics Bolster EdTech’s Global Impact?

More Open EdTech SDGs Another year, another controversy born out of the winners of the Nobel prize. When it comes to the bitterly political issue of poverty alleviation, more massive projects probably deserve more recognition than this year’s laureates, Esther Duflo (the second woman Nobel in economics), Abhijit Banerjee and Michael Kremer. Not saying they […]

UNESCO Steps Up To Universalize Open Educational Resources (OER) With… A Declaration?

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More Open EdTech for SDGs Is quality learning content a universal right? If UNESCO statements are any indications, yes. In 2012, The Paris OER Declaration coined the term for “Open Educational Resources.” Based on principles an statements including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Millenium Declaration, OER are conceived as content resources that […]

Open EdTech 4 SDGs Update: Teleoperator Training To Gamify Poverty Alleviation?

Kentaro Yoshifuji envisions a future platform in which people —to be blunt, those earning the lowest wages possible around the world— deliver minimum wage-type jobs anywhere on earth with the help of robots. You are likely to hear more from him within the year, mainly because the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are around the corner. Which […]

What The Demise Of Linux Journal Means For Open Source And Open EdTech Journalism

Unabashed believers of Open Source software and its transformative mission might be given pause by Linux Journal shutdown announcement. The better informed of the lot ought to be less surprised. This was the second time it happened in 2 years. This time, thought, there is little hope of a comeback. The staff has been laid […]

8 Things Every Educator Should Know About Python

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Get ready to go “Pythonic”! As an educational tool, the Python programming language stands above the rest. It is designed to offer the fastest time between theory and practice. Intuitive yet powerful, it lets you see results of your learning right away. And it makes you see how easy it can be to see your […]