Pro’s Prefs: Top 10 Favorite Tools Used by eLearning Professionals

Pro's Prefs Top 10 Favorite Tools Used by eLearning Professionals

With the help of the best eLearning platforms, you can easily learn to generate healthy content that can help in increasing the worth of the lines and making it informational for the audience. Online tools can be quite handy in several regards, directly or indirectly related to your eLearning practice. We asked nearly a hundred […]

Examulator Approaches You To The Information Design Of Moodle™-Based LMS

It all started with a post on forums from developer Marcus Green, of Titus fame, when he showcased the Entity Relationship diagram for the Moodle™ 2.7. The Entity Relationship diagram is a graphical representation of entities and their relationships to each other, within databases. It has been created using MySQL Workbench. Download the ER […]

The Latest And Greatest: New Features In Open LMS EDU 3.11

Open LMS EDU is one of the two version of Moodle™ developed and maintained by Open LMS. It is designed for schools, universities and other educational institutions, that enables administrators to create fully customized learning environments that are still easy to maintain and support. Open LMS EDU offers a consistent user experience due to its […]

Moodle, An Open Book Featuring An Open Book (Activity) Within

Moodle, An Open Book Featuring An Open Book (Activity) Within

Yes, Moodle is big and complex. But for Moodlers like John Allan who choose to see the world’s No.1 LMS as “half full” of wondrous details, it is bound to give them many “aha” moments, where they witness the potential of a feature in its full splendor. It happened to him recently with the Book […]

The Moodle Book Sets Its Eye On Making The PDF Obsolete

The Portable Document Format was created in 1990 and privately licensed until 2008. Since then, it has quickly become a standard for the storage and exchange of documents where format is essential. The ability to store images and media and to allow hyperlinks are other important selling points. But from a technical standpoint, the format, […]

Moodle 2032: What Is The LMS Most Important Accomplishment Of The Past 15 Years?

Moodle 2032

For many Moodlers and open education enthusiasts, 2017 was one of Moodle’s most momentous times since the launch of version 1.0. The 15-year anniversary, its first private equity stake, and a series of announcements signaling new approaches both internally and externally are just a few reasons to be excited about the future of the world’s […]

In Summer Hack/Doc Fest, CLAMP Critically Unpacks Moodle 3.3 Latest Features

Moodle 3.5 Liberal Arts Edition Now Available, Courtesy Of CLAMP

During three days in June, the brilliant match of liberal art educators and Moodle developers that is CLAMP met in Amherst, MA, at Hampshire College for its Summer Moodle Hack/Doc Fest, the second of the year. It featured talks, discussions, and workshops about the technologies that make Moodle work, all through the lens of reason […]

MoodleNews Plugin Roundup, Chocolate Bunnies Edition

What would be the Moodle version of Easter treats and games? Here are the best answers we could come up with. Below is our list of interesting, fun, and ―why not― uplifting plugins, to match with the season. Moodle Content Curation Block (See Video) Compatible with Moodle and Totara, this plugin creates “curations”, or pages […]

How to export Moodle lesson activity as PDF files #Moodletips

“How can I export the Moodle lesson activities as PDF files for offline usage by the students?” Moodle newcomers often ask this question in moodle forums. However, Moodle doesn’t support exporting the course activities as PDF by core. However, there are few plugins which allows you to export the contents of the activity into PDF […]