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Last updated: November 2022 Understanding War and Peace Black History Month 2022 Finances! Help Them Make Sense Of The Economy Digital Life, Privacy, Security and You Open Educational Resources (OER) Help promote OER General Academic Content and Curriculum Tools Subject Specific: Arts & Crafts Science & Space Nature & Environment Math Chemistry Physics Computer Science […]

How Teachers Should Ensure Data Privacy At Both The Office And Home

How to Ensure Employee Data Privacy Both in the Office and at Home

Multiple controversies about data abuse and misuse by companies and institutions, including educational, abound and are only expected to multiply. The concerns about privacy among users are constantly increasing, oftentimes met with response from authorities. In the European Union, an exemplary case of user data —and rights— protection, websites are obligated to inform users about […]

The Zoombombing Saga: $85 Million USD Settlement Special

Zoom Zoombombing Video Conference Live Classroom

Click here to jump straight to the Open Source Video alternatives. Updated on August 12 with the news of the out-of-court settlement of a class action lawsuit filed in California. What’s the price on your privacy? According to a U.S. District Court in California, about a 15% discount in your monthly Zoom subscription. On early […]

Why And How To Restrict User Pictures

It’s not enough that an LMS lets you and your learners create, edit and tweak pretty much anything in a course or learning experience. It also brings an entirely different layer of functionality: Your ability, as an admin, to allow what users can and cannot do. On its video series, eCreators has updates on Moodle […]

Google Classroom Does Not Spark Joy. Does Any LMS?

google classroom joy tlou kondo

Is there a place for joy in education, and education technology today? Remember joy? “Most Creative” person of 2019 Khoi Vinh gave a swift, if localized answer to this question. The Principal Designer of Adobe —the design tech giant whose involvement in the space include Captivate and LMS-aspiring Captivate Prime— declared Google Classroom “joyless,” in […]

Educause Lists Top Ten IT Issues In Higher Education

Meaningful use of data, security and privacy; the role of success in institutions focusing further on student, and sustainability and affordability of digital business models, sum up the top 10 IT issues listed by Educause, a US-based, non-profit EdTech advocacy and professional organization. Topping the list is “Information Security Strategy.” Cybersecurity crept up across colleges […]

GDPR Watch: Is Moodle Machine Learning In Europe Illegal?

GDPR Watch: Is Moodle Machine Learning In Europe Illegal?

There is a more philosophical way to frame this question: Can a robot get to know you better, without that knowledge being considered personal information about you? The problem of machine learning in the current GDPR age is just one of the many afterthoughts that have come up since the law went into effect. Digital […]

GDPR Watch: From California To Vietnam, The ‘GDPR Wave’ Gains Momentum, Likely Helping Civil Liberties Worldwide

GDPR Watch: From California To Vietnam, The ‘GDPR Wave’ Gains Momentum, Likely Helping Civil Liberties Worldwide

Moodle 3.5 gave a definitive solution on the technical side to site privacy-responsible roles and concerns about the LMS’s ability to handle rules and user requests for their data and “information about their information.” However, it bears repeating: Moodle’s tools provide a technical solution, but actual compliance depends on the information manager’s ability to respond […]

Compliance By Design? Blackboard’s Thoughts On GDPR

Compliance By Design? Blackboard’s Thoughts On GDPR

In our recent technological history, it has become almost a trope that regulation lags behind innovation. Usually, most of us seem to be fine with it. But when it comes to the protection of personal data, certain recent events have made the public aware of and cautious about how the tech companies they trust will […]