Merry Moodle 3.2 Holidays! ‘Early Bird’ Badge Recognitions

Happy Moodle 3.2 Days! 'Early Bird' Badge Recipients

We believe developers who go the extra mile in keeping Moodle tidy and sleek for the benefit of the world’s learning community deserve to be acknowledged. Here are the recipients of Moodle official “Early Bird” badge, due to its compatibility testing for Moodle 3.2 just in time for its release. We have covered only some […]

Create optimized learning groups by using the Group Formation plugin #MoodlePlugins

The latest plugin added to the Moodle plugins directory is Group Formation, which allows you to create optimized learning groups – by topic preference or best match of individuals’ characteristics and preferences. You can use this plugin to optimize the composition of learning groups working together on the assigned (or selected) tasks. Group Formation is […]

Check Out This Moodle “Armor Bundle” Of Plugins

Check Out This Moodle "Armor Bundle" Of Plugins

With the diversity that characterizes the Moodle plugins to solve even the issues you don’t realize you have, the process of selecting and evaluating can become taxing. Some special editions, like Moodlerooms or CLAMP’s LAE represent possible pathways, but they do not consider themselves encompassing “armor” for Moodle to endure battle for knowledge. That is why this selection […]

Moodle 3.1"Early Bird" award goes to 110 plugins #Moodle

Moodle 3.1 Plugins triathlon is finished and 110 plugins are eligible to receive the “Early Bird 3.1” award. For Moodle 3.0 the total number of plugins receiving the Early Bird award were 81 as covered here. You can check out the list of plugins receiving the award here.

Article – Learning styles, Mindsets, and Adaptive Strategies

Matt Bury has wrote an article on the topic “Learning Styles, Mindsets and Adaptive Strategies“. The article exposes one of the many negative effects of using learning styles questionnaires and encouraging learners to adapt their learning strategies to them.

Create teams based on questions using Team Builder Activity module

Team builder is an activity module developed by UNSW, which allows you to build teams based off a set of criteria. It assigns students to groups based on their answers to a series of questions that you specify. You ask your students some questions, and then develop a predicate based off their answers for your […]

Video: Team Builder Plugin helps you create teams automatically in Moodle

This addon from the University of New South Wales provides teachers and course managers a way to create teams automatically based on student responses to a student facing questionnaire. It’s a pretty neat way to utilize Moodle to systematically create groups across a course. The criteria that can be defined are based on a simple […]