Quiz & Question Bank Fixes Among Top Priorities For Upcoming Moodle™ 4.1 Update

Quiz & Question Bank Fixes Among Top Priorities For Upcoming Moodle™™ 4.1 Update

As reviews for Moodle™ 4.0 continue to stream and real-life testing begins moving from early adopters to actual students, development teams are starting to identify priorities to address for Moodle™ 4.1, the following major release. Depending on the urgency and magnitude of the updates required, bug fixes may come on a minor release within two […]

The Latest And Greatest: New Features In Open LMS EDU 3.11

The Latest And Greatest: New Features In Open LMS EDU 3.11

Open LMS EDU is one of the two version of Moodle™ developed and maintained by Open LMS. It is designed for schools, universities and other educational institutions, that enables administrators to create fully customized learning environments that are still easy to maintain and support. Open LMS EDU offers a consistent user experience due to its […]

Mr. Moodle: How Can I Make The Most Of XML In Moodle Quizzes?

Updated on July 25th, 2019 Dear Mr. Moodle! I heard that I can write questions for Moodle Quizzes much faster using XML code. Is that true? I have only basic knowledge of XML and HTML, will I be able to use this properly in a way that saves me time? Dear reader, If you routinely […]

2019’s Moodle Tools To Interact With Your Students Online

WizIQ (@wiziq) is a sponsor of LMSPulse. Here’s an easy to digest list of good tools for Moodle that you might consider using. Many are not standard activities/modules but each is available below as a list from the repository. The whitepaper, “12 Moodle Tools to Interact with your Students Online” is published and available […]

Moodle Quizzes Loading Slow? Here’s Why, And What You Can Do About It

Moodle™ Quizzes Loading Slow Here’s Why, And What You Can Do About It

By Team Edwiser. Quizzes in Moodle are an integral part of many (or most) courses built on the Open LMS. However, poor site performance and slow-loading quizzes on Moodle are issues our clients and users routinely complain about. Relatable? Not to worry! Because we, Team Edwiser, have not just looked hard into the issue. We’ve […]

Enhanced Analytics Tools, Moodle Users Association’s First Voted In Project For 2018

With a comfortable advantage over 7 other titles including “UX Redesign for Course Restore” and “Advanced Grading for Workshop” (second and third, with over 20,000 votes each), the project “Fix analytical tools for random quiz questions for consistency across use cases” has been voted as the Moodle Users Association’s (MUA) focus of the 2017 July-December […]

Top 10 H5P content types to use in Moodle course – Part:1 #Moodletips

H5p is the new default for creating rich interactive content on your website. It’s an open source and allows you to create, share and reuse the interactive HTML5 content. H5p  provides a range of content types to be used for various needs. Today, I am going to share the top 10 most useful H5P libraries […]

Designing Moodle Courses for Mobile – Infographic by Lewis Carr @lewiscarr

Lewis Carr (CEO and Founder of AdaptiVLE Ltd), has shared a nice infographic prepared for the MoodleMoot Ireland UK 2016 (#MootIEUK16) about designing Moodle courses for Mobile. The infographic is self explanatory and contains brief step by step instructions for creating a mobile friendly course with Moodle.

Add #gamification to your #Moodle Quiz using Quizventure plugin

Gamification of a Moodle course is a good way to engage learners in solving problems. In a quest to extend the gamification capabilities of Moodle, another new block “Quizventure” is updated to a new version making it compatible with Moodle 3.0 Quizventure is an activity module that loads quiz questions from the course it’s added […]