Give Students Language Learning Feedback Down To The Syllable With This Moodle Plugin

The SpeechAce plugin for Moodle is a language learning teaching and assessment tool that identifies specific issues in the pronunciation of each individual student. It allows a simple way to add “repeat aloud” question types on any Moodle Activity. SpeechAce is also the name of the Seattle-based company taking care of the tool’s development and […]

The Impact Of A Moodle Theme On Learning

The Impact Of A Moodle Theme On Learning | El Impacto De Los Temas De Moodle En El Aprendizaje

By Apurva Mhatre [email protected] Disponible en Español. Moodle is the base of technology-aided learning across schools and universities worldwide. As a result, a large number of developers have flocked to this platform, to contribute their ideas and become a part of the community. The “Moodleverse” today has tons of developers contributing themes and plugins on […]

Updates To The “Adaptable” Theme, The Riverbed Of Your Moodle Layout Ideas

Updates To "Adaptable" Theme, The Riverber Of Your Moodle Layout Ideas

The 3bits consultant and “Joomdle specialist” from Spain Fernando Acedo showcases updates to the Adaptable theme in a recent Moodle forum discussion. Joomdle, of course, refers to the integration of CMS Joomla with LMS Moodle. The self-describing Adaptable, for its part, is the result of an ongoing process which began when Birmingham City University customized […]

French Friday : Bonne nouvelle ! / Good news!

Bonne nouvelle le MOOC gratuit Moodle Mobile recommence le 1er novembre ! Un MOOC pour apprendre et comprendre l’utilisation de l’application mobile Moodle. L’idée est de proposer une expérience concrète pour les enseignants qui repose entièrement sur l’utilisation mobile de Moodle ! C’est vraiment utile pour concevoir et diffuser ses cours sur des appareils mobiles smartphones […]

Try Snap, A Customizable, Responsive and Acclaimed Theme For Moodle

Recently, Moodlerooms updated its Snap theme for Moodle 3.0. Moodlerooms is a Moodle customization made by Blackboard. Blackboard contributes to the continuing development of Moodle as an official partner in the USA. A dedicated team in Blackboard works on Snap. It is led by Guy Thomas, David Scotson and Stuart Lamour. Snap is free to install in your Moodle. […]

Moodle Design As An Extension Of Branding: Raleigh International Theme By HowToMoodle

Moodle Design As An Extension Of Branding. Raleigh International Theme By HowToMoodle

What goes into a designer’s mind when he decides to create their own flavor of Moodle? An interview with Alistar Mackay over at How To Moodle reveals some of what went through his head. Mackay is not a designer. Rather, he is the Learning and Development Manager at Raleigh International, an UK-based non-profit. He commissioned the […]

6 Themes For Moodle 3.1 To Distinguish Your Form And Function

Themes have often been a topic of posts at Moodlenews: making Moodle look great is a key driver of being able to get teachers to take a 2nd look at it or to engage students (you can’t judge a book by its cover, but first impressions do matter!). Over the years, Moodle has included many different themes […]