LMS Integrity & The Turnitin Partner Program: Benefits for Moodle Providers, Clients and Users

LMS Integrity & The Turnitin Partner Program Benefits for Moodle Providers, Clients and Users

Table of Contents How Turnitin’s SimCheck adds value to Moodle Partners Benefits of partnering with Premium Moodle Integrator Turnitin About Turnitin and Turnitin’s SimCheck Are you a Moodle customer interested in SimCheck? Are you a Moodle Partner or provider? Get in touch with Turnitin Providers of Learning Management Systems partner with companies that demonstrate quality […]

The Learning Analytics Roadmap: Support Your Learning Case In Moodle With Zoola [LAR Series #5]

Updated on August 14, 2020 The ROI on Learning is a powerful framework to understand the relationship between elearning and performance. On one end, there is an “organizational mission statement,” which in most cases centers around profit, or financial sustainability at least. Recently, teams, particularly those following agile project management approaches, have embraced the “core […]

Universities Won’t Fix Distance Education—And They Might Endanger Elearning Forever

As many institutions that are currently in crisis, universities were on a downward slope the coronavirus would only make steeper. With skyrocketing tuition costs, the financial ROI of a college degree was becoming less enticing for a larger number of students. Enrollments are about to near a decade of continuous decline. While still prestigious, the […]

eThink Stories: With GO1, Premium Totara & Moodle Partner To ‘Supercharge’ World’s Workforces

In the midst of a busy conference season, eThink Education introduced yet another exciting partnership with training content providers GO1, further positioning themselves as a leading “one-stop-shop” eLearning solutions provider for institutions and organizations. As the largest Totara and Moodle Partner worldwide, the decision should not come as a surprise. “Personally, I have been looking […]

No One Has Figured Out Succesful, Sustainable Microcredentialing

No One Has Figured Out Succesful, Sustainable Microcredentialing

Since the introduction of degrees, education faces an ongoing battle against its own evidence. For reasons exceeding my understanding and our scope, everyone settled on academic credentials, which by definition attest to what a person did to learn, not the actual outcomes of the learning. As a result, a credential is only valuable as the […]

Blackboard Shares The 2017 Trends In K-12 EdTech

Julie Evans, CEO of Project Tomorrow, held a webinar hosted by Blackboard where she revealed the trends that have increased this year across K-12 education. As Evans states, organizations, even the older and farther-reaching, are becoming more open to trying new ideas, including new educational models, frameworks, and settings that include digital access to content. […]

Moodle, A Game Changer For The Workplace

Corporations everywhere are starting to realize the value of using online learning inside their organization as a way to increase the skills and productivity of staffers. As a recent post on the moodle.com blog suggests, Moodle and other similar LMS could soon play a larger role in many companies’ strategic direction or operational performance. The idea of linking […]

MoodleNews 2016 In Review: The Learning Analytics Roadmap Traveled So Far

MoodleNews 2016 In Review: The Learning Analytics Roadmap Traveled So Far

The following is a back-to-school recap of our series: The Learning Analytics Roadmap. This series is an effort to centralize the community’s understanding on analytics, organized in three vectors: Theory and conceptual models Technologies, specifically Moodle plugins Practical applications and pedagogy Each of our stories has included the three elements: Some detail on one of the frameworks […]

The Learning Analytics Roadmap: Comparing Paths And ‘Completing The Loop’ [LAR Series #8]

The Learning Analytics Roadmap: Comparing Paths And 'Completing The Loop' [LAR Series #8]

Our series on The Learning Analytics Roadmap endeavors to provide a set of practical thinking posts to help you start an analytics-based practice. While analytics are not new in learning, the effort today is about fostering a critical mass among education professionals. Therefore, this series is not intended to require any particular background, other than a proven desire to inform, […]

Moodle Learning Analytics Plans – Presentation by Elizabeth Dalton #MootAU16

Learning Analytics – the term used to identify the student behavior and optimize the learning environment to improve upon the ROI on learning, is widely used by many commercial vendors. The Learning analytics tools can be integrated within LMS or works as a standalone system but the empirical validation of the metrics needed for these […]