Check Out Sakai LMS Three-Year Roadmap (Infographic)

Sakai Roadmap 2020-2022

Flexibility. Rubrics. The cloud. Early this year, the institutions behind Sakai agreed upon a three-year roadmap. It will align the community’s needs with the open source LMS outstanding features. A recently published infographic details the plans on a year-to-year basis. We have already witness some of its progress in 2019. April was the month for […]

Moodle Rubrics 101: Understand, Design, & Deploy Them In Moodle

Moodle offers tools to implement advanced grading methods, using, for example, several rules or formulas. One of the most widespread methods available is Rubrics, which compares student achievement against a predefined set of criteria. The teacher, or whoever takes care of grading, determines the criteria required to reach each given level. Each level corresponds to […]

Forum Discussion – Are rubrics really a good thing?

Another good forum thread live on forums is “Are rubrics really a good thing? Upcoming webinar” started by Tim Hunt discussing views by different Moodle community members about using the rubrics. The webinar by Emeritus Professor Sue Bloxham (University of Cumbria, UK) is scheduled on 4 November 2015 07:00 AM to 08:00 AM UTC.

An Update on the LTI App Store: 125 and counting

If you’re looking for tools that integrate into Moodle without custom mods installed, LTI is your ticket. Let’s take a moment to check back into the LTI App clearing house, Edu Apps which now lists over 125 LTI enabled tools that you can integrate into your site or classroom. A few of the new apps: […]

Track Attendance, Mark Progress and Award Behavior with @SchoolAnywhere’s Platform (Video)

Schoolanywhere (Webanywhere) is an advertising sponsor of Moodlenews allowing us to host the site, help fund development (and by the occasional pint…you know, to get the creative juices flowing) This video highlights Schoolanywhere’s hosted features including attendance tracking, awarding badges and marking progress of students. The teacher video shows off a lot of features that […]

Video: Setting up Rubrics in Moodle 2.x

Here’s a handy video by Mike McHugh of Bismarck Public Schools recorded via Google Hangouts and published to Youtube.  The video highlights the use of advanced grading in Moodle and defining and implementing rubrics in a course. Rubrics are a great way to organize what is being assessed on an assignment (especially for multi-part assignments, […]

Creating and Grading Assignments in Moodle

Here’s a 10 minute video from Texas State Technical College, Harlingen ( that showcases the use of the assignment module in Moodle.  From creating the module, to configuring the various options to grading the assignment once submissions have come in. This video covers the essentials including an overview of each assignment type (offline, upload, etc.). […]

Get a peek at the iMoot Program…

According to the public forum at iMoot the program release is imminent.  But in case you can’t possibly wait here are a few of the presentation titles from the draft program shared with registered users/presenters: FreeMoodle – The Greek Effort Google analytics and Moodle Moodle and The Cloud Making your Moodle Mobile Moodle 2020 Video […]