University of Phoenix Goes ‘Ultra’ With Blackboard SaaS

University of Phoenix Goes 'Ultra' With Blackboard SaaS

Hybrid secondary education pioneer and one of the largest providers of online education in North America, the University of Phoenix has chosen to leverage the Blackboard ecosystem to “enable a next-generation digital learning platform” for its estimated 140,000 students. A 2022 partnership extension announcement is available at The workplace-designed University already offers a virtual […]

Moodle In Blackboard’s Reflections On 20 Years Of Learning Technology

Moodle In Blackboard's Reflections On 20 Years Of Learning Technology

According to CEO Bill Ballhaus, Blackboard Learn is “the most complete and robust LMS available on the market today.” The past 20 years of Blackboard are summarized as: a digital environment that has now become second nature, a layer of interaction that guarantees intuitiveness and inclusiveness, so no peer is left out, and continuous pace of features and improvements, […]

Startup Inserver Becomes Fourth Moodle Partner In Spain

Startup Inserver Becomes Fourth Moodle Partner In Uphill Spain recently announced the inclusion of Spanish start up Inserver as a Moodle Partner. Inserver E-Learning Factory delivers solutions for the Spanish government, corporations and nonprofits. Neither the Madrilense team nor the CEO concealed their enthusiasm, “proving that being a startup is never a barrier to create and work on big projects“. Inserver has committed to Moodle and […]

Discover The Humans Behind Learning SaaS Providers

terri ann bennett

The beautifully intricate structure that makes out of a computer the bridge between matter and information will always have an element of mystery. But there is one fact you can rely on: at every layer of the structure, there is human work to thank. And the structure keeps growing. When we talk about Saas (Software […]

Could Moodle Replace A Company’s Intranet?

Could Moodle Replace A Company's Intranet?

The provocative question comes from Paradiso solutions. In a recent webinar, they explain how they believe drivers of training initiatives could have a more prominent role in the enterprise planning and other management software. Paradiso laments that nowadays intranet is being used merely to “distribute information to each individual”. At the same time, drivers struggle […]

Different Models for Moodle Plugin Development: Not everything is free

Moodle’s open source, free plugin repository at is home to 100s of 3rd party plugins which have been reviewed and released for download to the community to use on their own sites. The database includes loads of additional information to help Moodlers understand the impact of the plugin on their own site including the […]

Mylo Solutions becomes Totara LMS Partner

Mylo Solutions, an elearning company based out of San Francisco which provides cloud based solutions to organizations worldwide has been named as the newest Totara Partner by Totara LMS. According to the press release, By combining TotaraLMS with MyloTEAM™ (Training & Events Management and Administration), Totara users can seamlessly use the integrated MyloTEAM system with its robust features […]