Data Interoperability Is Critical For K-12

Consider how strong it would be if all of the numerous systems and applications K-12 school systems could easily “speak” to one another and share data, with data flowing fluidly from one application to the next. Central office employees could enter student information once in a centralized portal. Then relevant pieces of that information could […]

2021 Higher Ed Design Trends: How To Put These 7 Strategies Into Practice?

2021 Higher Ed Design Trends How To Put These 7 Strategies Into Practice

The 7 strategies Navigation Design Unique Narrative Storytelling School Sub-Brands Student Stories Front and Center Interactive Elements for Tours & Questions Vertical Video and Social Media Interaction Course Design This year’s generation entering college are considered the technologically skilled “Digital Natives“. These Natives are the first generation with virtually no memory of life without the […]

French Friday: Moodle dans les nuages (MoodleCloud for Schools)

Savez-vous que Moodle vous offre un hébergement gratuit ? Le MoodleCloud ! Vous avez seulement besoin d’un nom et d’un numéro de téléphone portable pour disposer de votre Moodle  🙂 Pour 0 € vous avez : Un site à votre nom des mises à jour automatiques pour toujours bénéficier de la dernière version stable de Moodle l’accès […]