To Become The Owner Of Your Virtual Classroom, ‘Scrum’ It

To Become The Owner Of Your Virtual Classroom, 'Scrum' It agile project management

So you’re were gently persuaded into online learning for the first time. (Alright, maybe not very gently. But definitely beneficial!) I’m sure you’ve run into lots of people, coworkers, social media personalities and community members who, out of good intention and a genuine desire to help, have thrown all kinds of useful apps, posts, links […]

Lambda Solutions, Zoola Analytics, And The Curious Case Of xAPI Underachievement

Lambda Solutions, Zoola And The Curious Case Of xAPI Underachievement

xAPI is one of the most groundbreaking technologies that have ever fallen upon the EdTech world. Its presence will be felt for decades and will transform every participating solution in the ecosystem. All the previous statements are true, widespread, and largely accepted. So why is the excitement lacking? Where is the “killer” xAPI app? Could […]

Moodlerooms On Leveraging Learning Technology Partners For Innovation

E-Learn Baltimore

If you manage to keep track of most breaking news in the tech markets, you can surf on top of your product development operations. Of course, this is easier said than done. In a profile for Moodlerooms’ E-Learning Magazine, Moodlerooms Director of Product Development Kris Stokking recounts his position’s challenges. Moodlerooms is an LMS (Learning […]

Moodle HQ Development Framework (Scrum and Agile) Explained by @Salvetore

Michael de Raadt, Moodle HQ Development Manager and Scrum Master, recently created a helpful video that explains the agile framework utilized by Moodle HQ. The video helps to explain the process behind the scenes for development by Moodle HQ, how bugs and issues are triaged and tackled, how issues are promoted to be worked on, […]