How To Prepare Your IT Staff For The Transition To The Cloud

In recent years, cloud computing has taken the world by storm. Cloud service providers compete in a constantly developing market, offering solutions with a wide range of benefits over traditional on-premise servers and “racing towards zero” in the volume of features they’re willing to provide for the lowest possible cost. It’s all about market share. […]

How Teachers Should Ensure Data Privacy At Both The Office And Home

How to Ensure Employee Data Privacy Both in the Office and at Home

Multiple controversies about data abuse and misuse by companies and institutions, including educational, abound and are only expected to multiply. The concerns about privacy among users are constantly increasing, oftentimes met with response from authorities. In the European Union, an exemplary case of user data —and rights— protection, websites are obligated to inform users about […]

Vulnerability Found In Moodle 3.6.3, Earlier Versions (Update With Moodle HQ Reply)

Dangerous Vulnerability Found In Moodle 3.6.3, Earlier Versions Potentially Affected, Issue Not Yet Fix

Updated on May 17th, 2019. Currently the vulnerability has been deemed as “Rejected,” meaning it’s not really an issue. Read a response from Moodle HQ with details at the bottom. On April 28th, a vulnerability affecting Moodle 3.6.3 was documented by ethical hacker from Turkey Özkan Mustafa, aka AKKUŞ on his Pentest Blog. URGENT: Review […]

What K-12 LMS Admins And Users Should Now About Cybersecurity In 2019

EdTech veteran Doug Levin doesn’t mean to scare you. The fact is, no issue is more urgent and more improperly addressed across education and learning organizations. While all segments are at risk, the belief that K-12 institutions are not as concerned about their data, true or not, could see them become a favorite target of […]

Educause Lists Top Ten IT Issues In Higher Education

Meaningful use of data, security and privacy; the role of success in institutions focusing further on student, and sustainability and affordability of digital business models, sum up the top 10 IT issues listed by Educause, a US-based, non-profit EdTech advocacy and professional organization. Topping the list is “Information Security Strategy.” Cybersecurity crept up across colleges […]

eCreators Brings Groundbreaking Video Platform Warpwire To Moodle In Latest Partnership

It’s partnership frenzy time at the height of the Moodle Partner community. From Australia, eCreators, one of the largest Certified Moodle Partners today, announces a partnership with Warpwire. The North Carolina company provides a video solutions platform focused on teacher and student usability, close interaction with users and customers, and modern feature set that values […]

FBI Warnings To EdTech Makers And The User Community

FBI Warnings To EdTech Makers And The User Community

The rate of IT security threats across educational institutions, considering only those who have been publicly disclosed, can be reasonably argued as an epidemic. A report by the UK’s Information Commissioner lists education as one of the top subjects of breaches, leading to a 75% jump in data security incidents, in 2 years. The FBI […]