EdTech Time-Outs, For Health, Bonding And Performance

EdTech Time-Outs, For Health, Bonding And Performance

An “old school” parenting tactic, somewhat controversial for our times, seems to be more overly beneficial than commonly thought. Could a similar idea be applicable in online learning? In 2019 the University of Michigan published the result of a longitudinal study following 1,400 families for over 7 years. On the question on whether “time-outs” —mandating […]

In The Age Of Social, How Social Is Your Learning?

In The Age Of Social, How Social Is Your Learning?

By Andrew Das, Paradiso Solutions. Updated on February 18, 2020 We might think is it not possible to learn new things when we are having a good time. In reality, we are learning even then. In some cases, especially when. This is the essence of social learning, and observation is the way it works. Observe, […]

Moodle Central: The Moodle 3.2 Dashboard As Social Learning News Feed?

It seemed a somewhat outlandish idea at the time, but after the warm reception of the news on how Moodle ―especially since the environment of features included in December’s 3.2 release― could be turning into a true, “distributed social learning network”, it looks like the “Moodleverse” is looking at another critical building block. This post detailing […]

Socialwall Course format updated for Moodle 3.0 #Socialwall #Moodle

Moodle has got a variety of course formats by which the layout of the course can be changes to attract the attention of the participants in your course. One such course format is Socialwall Course format which changes the default layout of a Moodle course in a Social Learning platform.

Socialwall Course Format available for MOodle 2.7 & 2.8

Finally, the widely requested socialwall course format is added to the Moodle plugins database for Moodle 2.7 & 2.8 versions. Socialwall format is a course format which enables teachers to create alerts, sticky posts, activities, resources in a format similar to social network users and features a learning stream.

Watch: Matt Bury’s Keynote from the the 2014 MoodleMoot in Utrecht

The 2014 MoodleMoot Netherlands held this past June in Utrecht featured Matt Bury, a developer residing in Canada. Matt spoke about social learning using Moodle and social constructivism as it frames Moodle’s pedagogical tool. The keynote (in English) starts about 6 minutes in, he covers some pedagogical theorists like Piaget and Dewey then continues under […]

Interview with Matt Bury, Keynote Speaker of the 2014 Netherlands MoodleMoot #mootnl14

Isabelle Langeveld recently interviewed Matt Bury who is keynoting the 2014 Netherlands Moodlemoot which is happening right now. Matt’s been developing various media plugins and sharing them at Moodle.org for years. In the interview Matt discusses his history with Moodle LMS and eLearning, social learning and social presence/engagement within Moodle courses. Some interesting thoughts on […]